FC Bayern Fans Over BTS and Jungkook on TikTok

It didn’t shy away from showing its ‘purple blood’.

News of BTS member Jeon Jungkook’s (JK) performance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 has taken over the internet all around the globe in the last few days. Even the famous football club, FC Bayern, openly showed love for him yesterday on its official TikTok account with a clip of a football match with the background audio of BTS’s latest single, Run Bulletproof, and referred to Jungkook’s Run BTS cameraman.

It commented,

Almost as fast as JKs cameraman during Run BTS.

Note that Run BTS is a BTS variety show in which the seven members of the world’s most famous and powerful band perform fun activities and competitions. JK is known to be the most talented and energetic member in most of the Run BTS episodes, and his cameraman often runs very fast beside him to keep up.

When a follower pointed out the significance of the song Run Bulletproof, the FC Bayern admin responded, “Oh we know the meaning – OT7 army here. The sound just fit really well. 🥰”.

For the unversed, ‘OT7 ARMY’ means a BTS fan who loves all seven members equally.

It is not the first time the football club has openly shown its love for BTS or Jungkook. Last year, FC Bayern’s Brazil social media account revealed that JK is its bias (read: K-pop idol crush).

In 2020 when Bayern Munich won the European Cup to celebrate the trophy, it posted a picture of lyrics of the BTS song Dynamite, confirming that the club and/or its admin is BTS ARMY.

Even South Korean footballer Son Heung-min and Tottenham Hotspur FC are BTS ARMY!


After the announcement that JK will perform at the FIFA World Cup 2020 opening ceremony, football communities and football fans have been paying special attention to BTS’s Golden Maknae, and it seems like his performance may just overshadow the opening ceremony and the tournament.

JK achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first and only Korean ever to perform on the FIFA World Cup stage.

Last month the Euphoria singer was spotted filming a mystery project on the streets of Doha, Qatar.


A few days ago he was seen at the airport flying to Qatar for his FIFA World cup Opening ceremony performance. He posed for the camera and also mimicked kicking a goal for his fans.

Are you excited about JK’s performance at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony on 20 November? Share your thoughts below.