Female Teacher Almost Kills 3-year-old Student by Slitting His Throat

What drove this female teacher to attack one of the children like this?

While our culture places a lot of emphasis on teachers being ‘second parents’ to a child, we can’t deny the fact looking after someone else’s kids can push you over the edge. Is that what happened to a female teacher who almost killed her student?

Police arrested a woman for slitting the throat of a three-year-old child in Aman Kot, Mingora in district Swat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. What drove this female teacher to attack one of the children like this?


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According to Express Tribune, it was a case of marriage politics gone extreme. In a press conference, SP Investigation, Nazir Khan said that on 24th February a man Amjad Ali lodged an FIR with police that someone had mortally wounded his three-year-old son, slicing his throat.

Amjad Ali stated that he and his wife were shopping for their daughter’s wedding. He said that his 20-year-old daughter and his son Muhammad Hassan went to a nearby seminary. Amjad Ali was later informed that someone slit the throat of three-year-old Hassan, leaving him seriously injured.

The child was critically injured and rushed to a nearby hospital when other children heard his cries and raised alarm. The children informed his family and Hassan was rushed to the nearby hospital where doctors were able to save his life.

“The complainant told police that he had no feud with anyone. So police opened an investigation in the blind case. We got a clue which led us to a female teacher who was arrested. During the course of the investigation the woman confessed to her crime and said that she slit the throat of the child with a razor in order to stop his sister’s wedding,” said SP investigation.


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SP Nazir Khan revealed that the accused wanted to stop Hassan’s sister’s wedding and he became collateral in the grand scheme against the marriage. The female teacher wanted the girl to marry her brother Qari Muhammad Anwar.

Police also recovered the attempted murder weapon used in the attack, a razor.

It is unclear all the charges the female teacher is facing. However, attempted murder, endangerment of a child, are crimes she’ll pay for.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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