Feroze Khan Addresses Divorce Rumors [Video]

Moment of truth

Feroze Khan and Alizey

Just weeks ago rumors of Khaani actor Feroze Khan’s divorce stirred up a storm with divorce rumors in the air. However neither Alizey Sultan nor Feroze responded to the news. Now Feroze Khan is finally breaking his silence.

In a recent interview with Something Haute, Feroze Khan has finally opened up about the divorce rumors. The Ishqiya actor asserted that his person life is not open for display to the public.

“I think I have never spoken about my family or my family matters. I would like to keep calm and silence on this rumor because it’s my personal matter.”


Here’s What We Know About Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan’s Breakup

On the same note he pointed out how someone could make such a claim about his marriage when he has kept his personal life out of the spotlight.

“Anything or any rumor which comes out should be through proper source. I would like to tell people that don’t sell your religion or sincerity for a little amount of money. How can you talk about someone or something you don’t even know?”

The Gul-e-Rana star further slammed the video that sparkled the rumors of his break-up with wife of four years.

“Putting a video without knowing anything will get you a few views on YouTube and a little bit of money, why sell someone’s life for that? So I think it makes no sense.”

He also addressed the cheating rumors with co-star Hania Amir. He talked about how the two artists were maligned by tabloids.


Are Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan Subtly Confirming Divorce Rumors?

It was previously reported that when Alizey had disappeared from Instagram, the couple was actually in the process of separating. When she bounced aback in mid-December, her cryptic post further fueled the divorce rumors.


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