Here’s What We Know About Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan’s Breakup

Our sources have given us inside details from both the parties.

Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan

Rumors usually spread like wildfire everywhere, especially when it’s juicy [read: fake] information on famous celebrities. This time it is Feroze Khan and his wife, Alizey Sultan, who are being thrown under the bus by paparazzi and trolls. But are the media outlets right this time? Read more to find out what our sources have reported!

Feroze and Alizey’s wedding in 2018 shocked the entire entertainment industry and its fans. The two of them have a beautiful baby boy named Mohammad Sultan Khan. But the 30-year-old Khaani actor gave his fans an even bigger surprise by announcing his departure from showbiz.


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That’s not all, the star was also criticized for appearing in the Pakistani drama Ishqiya, after quitting the biz to focus his attention on Islam. His performance in the show, alongside 23-year-old Hania Amir, was loved by the public. And their on-screen chemistry was on fire, to say the least.

Our sources have reported that while the actor was working on the famous ARY Digital drama, his wife caught him cheating. Reportedly, Alizey Sultan read some messages exchanged between the Pakistani actors, and left him.



It is also being said that while the couple maintained their persona online, Alizey had moved to her parents’ house a few months after giving birth to Sultan. She was also allegedly unfollowed by Feroze’s sisters, Humaima and Dua Malick.

On top of all these rumors, Alizey changed her Instagram name from Alizey Feroze to Alizey Sultan. And currently, the famous celebrity wife has deleted her Instagram page. But just like every story has 3 sides to it, things took a turn as other sources reported Alizey got married for fame and money.



Sources have been quoted saying:


This separation occurs because of Alizey. She just married him to get some popularity and fame. She is also stubborn and many times she behaves with Feroze Khan and his family.


Both Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan are yet to give their statements on the aforementioned rumors. Till then, stay tuned for more news on this story!



Are Feroze Khan and Alizey Sultan Breaking Up as a Couple?