Feroze Khan Breaks Silence on Domestic Abuse Allegations

The star warned that he would take legal action against his offenders.

Actor Feroze Khan is under severe criticism for all the allegations made by his ex-wife, Aliza Sultan, that he had hit and abused her. She even submitted her images of her condition after he had allegedly assaulted her in court as proof which went viral on the internet.

After all the denunciation by all the celebrities and netizens finally, Feroze Khan broke his silence and issued a statement on his social media account. In the post, he denied all the claims made against him and said that his legal team will take action against offenders.

Here is the statement:

Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan separated last month after four years of marriage, following which the latter took to her social media account and accused her ex of abuse, infidelity, degradation, and blackmail.

Later on, the Tich Button actor was spotted with his lawyer preparing to file a petition for visitation rights. His counsel claimed that Aliza Sultan is not mentally fit or financially stable enough to bear the expenses of their children.

He also asked for the actor to be allowed to meet the children four days a week and be granted their custody. The final verdict of the court recently came out and he has finally been granted visitation rights but this requires him to submit his passport and CNIC to the court before visiting them twice a month.

Aliza Sultan then recently claimed on her social media account that he had abused and tortured her and even presented evidence for it in court in images of her with swollen eyes, bruised arms, and medical reports of an assault.



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