Feroze Khan Opens Up About His Bond with Son Sultan [Video]

Feroze Khan and his son are one of the cutest father-son duo of our showbiz industry.

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan and his son, Mohammad Sultan Khan are one of the cutest father-son duos of our showbiz industry. He just adores his son and we love to see their photos on social media.

Fans are always curious to know more about their relationship and thanks to Ahsan Khan, we now know that they share a lovely bond. Feroze Khan and Humaima Malick recently appeared on Time Out With Ahsan Khan, where they shared that Sultan is a ‘cool kid’.

His aunt, Humaima said,

“He [Sultan] is the love of my life.”

Feroze also talked to him and shared that he is a very lively child.

“He is two years old , Sultan has vibrant families on both the maternal and paternal sides so he is very lively MashaAllah, he is a quick learner as well.”


The Khuda Aur Mohabbat star also loves shopping for his son

“I shop for Sultan most of the time. I think I know more about the styles and since I’m also a guy, but he is also very picky and moody about his things. He chooses what he wants to wear sometimes.”

The host also asked about Sultan’s name inspiration.

“I wanted to name him after Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W, so I added Muhammad in his name, his second name, Sultan Khan was given to him by Alizey and my mother.”

Do you know Sultan is cool enough to know his initials at the age of two?

“He calls himself MSK, short for Mohammad Sultan Khan. But if you ask his name in Urdu, he would call out the whole name.”




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