Feud Between Model Robina Khan and Makeup Artist Bryan Williams Finally Sorted

The fashion fraternity also called out the model for inciting violence.

Last month, the fashion fraternity called out model Robina Khan for inciting violence against the respected makeup artist of Nabilas Salon, Bryan William. The model’s husband brought men who physically abused Bryan at a photoshoot for not respecting his wife.

Recently the duo has shared that they have settled the dispute. Robina took to social media and shared that she and Bryan have put an end to strife.

Everything is sorted now, and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to Bryan, Nabilas, and to anyone’s sentiments that I might have hurt.

Robina furthered and admitted fault and penned down under the picture of herself and Bryan. “This should not have happened, and I take full responsibility to make amends and do the needful,” she remarked.

The model’s gesture was appreciated by Bryan, who himself shared his thoughts on social media. Sharing Robina’s post on his Instagram story, Bryan penned,

My mother once said to me, ‘Forgiveness is always more powerful’. So, I end this here.

The reconciliation was lauded by many, including Sadaf Kanwal and Zubab Rana.

For the unversed, Last month Robina’s husband attacked the celebrity makeup artist over his alleged refusal to carry the former’s cell phone. Robina posted her side of the story after much backlash.

According to her, the situation escalated when the makeup artist allegedly insulted and swore at her when requesting Bryan to carry her cell phone while she was getting her shots taken. Then, when her husband came to pick her up from the set, things took a turn for the worse. He demanded to know who had misbehaved with his wife, and when Bryan admitted it was him, Robina’s husband slapped him.



  1. Morals never existed among khans. Where his dignity went when his wife started modelling and shamelessly being so casteist.