Fiza Ali Criticized For Using Her Daughter Faral Farooq on Social Media [Pictures]

Here’s what happened.

Fiza Ali a multi-talented celebrity. The 39-year-old has made a name for herself as an actress/model/host. She is also a mom to a cute daughter, Faral Farooq.

The morning show host is known for posting cute pictures with her daughter, Faral Farooq on social media. However, she didn’t expect this sort of backlash with her latest posts.

Lately, Fiza has been put on blast by the netizens for making her daughter model in different outfits. Here is the post:

Fans on social media criticized Fiza Ali for her daughter’s ‘model-shoot’. Here’s what they have to say:


Fiza Ali Shares Beautiful Snaps With Her Cute Daughter [Pictures]

It is up for debate whether Fiza Ali was trying to promote some new children outfits from her established clothing line ‘Signature Collection’  with her daughter or was she just having fun with her daughter.

We’ll let you decide. What do you think?


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