Former Miss Croatia Violates Dress Code in Revealing Outfit at FIFA World Cup

That’s one way to protest.

Former Miss Croatia, Ivana Knöll, was stopped by security personnel during Croatia’s FIFA World Cup quarter-final clash with Brazil at the Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar, last week. The model sparked controversy during the World Cup with her skimpy outfits in ‘protest against Qatar’s ban against female spectators wearing revealing clothes.

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During the hotly contested quarter-final match between Croatia and Brazil, two security officers approached Knöll, who had worn her most risqué outfit to date, to change her seat and move higher up in the stadium.

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The former Miss Croatia had worn a red bra over high-waisted leather pants with her country’s national red and white chequered accessories. She was spotted countless times on camera, taking snaps with fans and spectators near the ground during the game until security officials escorted her to her seat.

The Croatian model went viral after her appearance at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and even appeared on British journalist, Piers Morgan’s talk show where she defended her skimpy outfits.

According to Knöll, the people in Qatar have been respectful of her clothing choices. She said,

I am very surprised and happy by the way the fans have respected my clothing in Qatar. I haven’t had any bad reactions so far, not even one. I’ve had photos with lots of people and everyone seems happy to see me.

Knöll added, “When I came here, I asked the locals what the rules were and they said I could wear what I normally wear as they are making special rules for the World Cup. This is why I dress this way”.

Ivana Knöll

Ivana Knöll is still in Qatar, taking snaps with fans outside the stadium. She continues to share updates with her fans worldwide and is expected to attend Croatia’s semi-final clash with Argentina.

Qatar’s Ban on Revealing Clothes

Before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar had issued a warning for visiting female spectators to refrain from wearing revealing clothes during the events or face jail time for dress code violations.

According to Qatar’s rules and regulations, women are expected to cover their shoulders and knees in public places and are banned from wearing tight outfits or flashing their cleavage. However, visitors are not required or expected to wear traditional Qatari outfits or be fully covered.