Guys and Girls, Please Don’t Try This at Twitter!

This seems funny, until your account gets blocked that is.

Well this was unexpected. Twitter’s got new rules against threatening other users. and they just got exposed in the most hilarious way possible today.

A few days ago, a Pakistani user innocently asked people if they could translate a ‘simple’ message for him.

English translation of ‘main tmhain maar doon ga’? That too on a public microblogging platform? What could go wrong here right?

Some eager souls were all too happy to comply, with not-so-pleasant results afterwards.

This is what happened:

What Just Happened?

Really? Who thinks typing ‘I’ll kill you’ on a social media platform is a cool thing to do? Well apparently these poor souls did, and Twitter, whose own rules about hate speech and harassment leave much to be desired by the way, did these people a real ‘solid’.

Guess you can’t be too careful on social media these days right? Dair aye durust aye anyone?

Written by Lens Staff


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