Mishi Khan Warns Girls Not to Share Their Intimate Photos

Her advice comes after indecent images of Pakistani celebrities got leaked.

Mishi Khan gives her two cents on sharing intimate photos
Mishi Khan warns girls about sharing intimate photos.

Actress Mishi Khan has a message for girls and its not a pretty one. She warned girls against sharing intimate photos, especially in this age of social media and chatting apps.

In a video posted on her Twitter account, Khan tells girls to not share intimate images with anyone.



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Mishi Khan advises caution

She implored that all women should take caution and stop sending intimate pictures and videos to even their “husband or fiancé”. “There is no need to document this at all,” she added.

She advised women to “be very careful” and “just say no”.

“If something like this happens once, it will leave a very bad impression.” The mark “will take years to wash off.”


Mishi Khan is an actress and host. She made her film debut in Nikkah in 1998. Her other film credits include Ghazi Shaheed and Janaan.

She was the star of PTV’s Uroosa in the nineties and was the host for Kishmish (1998) and Sehar Mishi Khan Ke Saath (2012).

On recent incidents targeting celebrities

Mishi Khan said she was “shocked” by the Samra Chaudhry cybercrime case.

Samara Chaudhry is a Lahori model and actress who is the latest victim of leaked videos.

The video, which is purportedly from last year, has a man’s face blurred. It was leaked online without Samara’s knowledge on social media earlier this month.


Model Samara Chaudhry Falls Victim to Cyber Crime

A Lahore-based gang is allegedly hacking into phones of celebrities and stealing intimate photographs. The gang then redistributes and sells these videos to international pornography websites.


The activities of the Lahore gang are illegal under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) in Pakistan as of 2016.

Former Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada is another victim whose images got leaked online. The actress says that she sold her phone, with her pictures and data hacked from it. The photos went viral on social media and led to a slew of trolling.

Pirzada’s subsequent tweets under the hashtag #SaveaSoul followed. Soon after, supoortive tweets also poured in for her under the hashtag #iamrabipeerzada . The whole thing trended on Twitter as debates over invasion of privacy, revenge porn and indecency raged.

Pirzada ultimately ended her entertainment career in a video announcement and said she was devoting her life to Islam.

Mishi Khan noted that lives and reputations were tarnished in the wake of the scandals. Perhaps more attention should be paid to the criminal gang which perpetuates these acts themselves than in blaming the victim.


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