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Hafsa Hatun From Ertugrul Sings a Famous Atif Aslam Song [Video]

Who could have guessed?

Hafsa Hatun

Dirilis:Ertugrul is loved across Pakistan for its in-depth character development and rich storylines. No matter who you are there’s always a character you can relate to, which is why people have been getting so hooked on to it. One of those much-loved characters is Hafsa Hatun, played by Burçin Abdullah.

Hafsa was the daughter of a Christian governor, who then fell for Ertugrul’s companion Bamsi, helped them out, and then converted to Islam.

Hafsa Hatun

The show’s cast has received immense love from their Pakistani fans, and they have shared the love back.

From Bamsi to Dogan and even Ertugrul himself, all of them have expressed how much they’ve appreciated the love and support from Pakistan and even planned trips to Pakistan.


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It turns out our beloved Hafsa Hatun loves Pakistani music as well. Recently she shared her love for Atif Aslam by singing her favorite song, Musafir.

Atif Aslam truly has a universal gift. We’re loving this cross country culture exchange.

Written by Anmol Irfan

Anmol is a freelance writer and journalist. She is also a supporter of women empowerment, accessible education and mental health awareness. She has a BA in history from the London School of Economics.


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