Hamza Ali Abbasi Attacked by Trolls Over Naimal’s Fashion Choices


It has been a month since Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his departure from the showbiz industry. The former actor stated that he is done with the media industry and would live an Islamic lifestyle and devote his time in to preaching.

While many people praised Hamza’s decision, some claimed it to be a publicity stunt and are skeptical of his choice. Just how skeptical are we talking about here? A recent incident illustrates this point.

Hamza and Naimal face nasty comments

Recently, a picture surfaced of Hamza with his wife, Naimal Khawar looking all dapper and stylish. However, some people criticized the Pyaray Afzal star for being a hypocrite and selective when it comes to applying the teachings of Islam on his wife.

The bone of contention can be summed up like this. Naimal can be seen wearing a sleeveless dress, and this has not sat well with Hamza’s haters. They point out that it goes against everything Hamza preaches about modesty for Muslim women in Islam.


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Although Hamza Ali Abbasi didn’t say anything bad about the industry he was once a part of, the former actor did make it clear that certain aspects of the industry were wrong and he would abstain from taking part in any such activities in the future. Hamza has been very vocal about the teachings of Islam on social media, which is why people are now calling him out for his biased towards his wife.

Here’s what people are commenting on the recent picture:


Does this mean that the honeymoon period is over for the popular couple?

Though we do have to wonder where that criticism was a month ago. Naimal hasn’t really changed her fashion style actually. The same people that showered the couple with love and admiration not so long ago, are now commenting on how she should dress now. So who is being hypocritical here? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I see nothing wrong in her dressing. She is fully covered from head to toe except her arms are showing which is quite normal. A normal girl would dress up more fashionably then her. We shouldn’t forget that she is a public figure.

    • She’s not covered on the head and face firstly. Secondly, that’s not the point. We’re not talking about how “normal” girls dress. It’s about how hamza preaches his way of Islam and openly disagrees but when it comes to his wife, those Islamic rules don’t apply.