Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Confusing Religion With Art: Amin Iqbal

He criticized the ‘Alif’ actor.

Renowned celebrity Hamza Ali Abbasi’s announcement of leaving showbiz is still echoing in the corridors of the industry. While the ‘Mann Mayal’ actor received applause from the general public and many of his fellow actors, it did not go down well with others.

One of his critics is Deedan director Amin Iqbal, who thinks Hamza is confusing religion with art.


Hamza Responds to Trolls Who Say He’s Only Changing Careers for Publicity [Video]

During an interview with a showbiz outlet, Amin said that Hamza’s decision to quit the industry and citing religion as a reason has dampened the image of this profession.


“The showbiz profession already receives resentment from the public, and people usually discourage their loved ones from joining the industry. In the given scenario, Hamza’s decision will only add fuel to the fire.”


He said that when educated people like Hamza make such comments, it demeans the profession.

“When a banker or any other professional leave their field, they do not cite religion as a reason for their decision.”

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Amin noted that the media industry is a celebration of art, and it should be respected.

He expressed disappointment on Hamza Ali Abbasi’s decision but wished him luck for his future endeavors.

You can watch the full interview here:

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