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Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawer Are Getting Married? We Break Down The Clues

We think its a match made in heaven.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Namial Khawer

So by now, you’ve all heard the rumors that Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawer are getting hitched. Since then, people are shipping Hamza and Anaa famed Naimal like they belong together.

Neither the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor nor Naila Khawer have officially announced the news themselves. But we won’t have to wait too long. We’ll find out soon enough as according to this viral tweet, their wedding is happening this week on August, 25th.

In the late hours of last night, a wedding invitation began circulating on the web. The invite was for the Nikah ceremony of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawer. Based on what we know about Abbasi that may be all for the wedding, not a series of spectacular events.


Aiman and Muneeb’s Wedding Continues to Be the Talk of the Town

One leading media outlet reports that they confirmed the news of their upcoming nuptials via a source and there will be a Valima on August, 26th.

What are the chances that this is legit? Let’s break down the clues.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawer

For those of you that think Naimal Khawer is Anaa’s breakout star, remember Mahgul in Verna? That was Namail Khawer’s moment. Word is that she had been called in by Shoaib Mansoor’s assistant director Shahbaz Shigri after he saw her pictures on Instagram.

After Verna in 2017, she disappeared from the spotlight until Hum Tv’s Anaa. Even back in 2017 Naimal Khawer said in an interview with Tribune;

“I wouldn’t ever do an item song or something of the sort.”



I Hate How Common Item Songs Have Become: Hamza Ali Abbasi

We already know how Hamza Ali Abbasi feels about the subject of item numbers, while others in the showbiz fraternity like Maya Ali have argued otherwise.

So is this a match made in heaven or what.

In most cases people adjust and gradually grow to be like their partner. Even Naimal Khawer supports the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, just like Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Only two years ago, she went from not your average ‘green-blooded’ citizen:

To an ardent PTI supporter:

Probably another reason why the two of them can be shipped together. Now we really think they’re a match made in heaven.

Their Careers Right Now

On the work front, Naimal Khawer is making waves with her role as Izza in Anaa.

Meanwhile, Hamza Ali Abbasi is all set to hit the screens in the drama adaptation of Umera Ahmed’s Alif. The drama serial Alif cast Hamza Ali Abbasi with Sajal Aly.


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