Hamza Ali Abbasi Praises Feroze Khan’s Decision To Quit Showbiz

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It has been some time since popular Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi quit the showbiz industry to embrace a much more spiritual journey. Some criticized his decision, while others praised his choice for embarking on a religious journey and focusing more on a Islamic way of life.

Recently, another well-known actor decided to announce his resignation from the showbiz industry. That actor is Feroze Khan.

Similar to Hamza, Feroze Khan also announced that he will only act and provide his services to spread the teachings of Islam. He tweeted:


Feroze Khan Quits Showbiz For Islam


While, people were baffled by his decision to quit the industry that has made him a household name all over Pakistan, Hamza Ali Abbasi decided to praise the actor for leaving the entertainment industry and prayed for his future endeavors.

The Alif actor took to Twitter and responded on Feroze Khan’s statement about quitting the showbiz industry. He wrote:

“Masha Allah….I pray that May Allah help us to keep our intentions pure & give us guidance to spread his message to the best of our abilities and understanding.”

While it nice to see both actors embracing the Islamic lifestyle, there are still people that claim this to be another publicity stunt. For now, we can only pray and wish a bright future to Feroze.

With two of the biggest actors in showbiz announcing their retirement from dramas and films, what does that mean for the entertainment industry? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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