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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Alleged First Wife Is Demanding Her Rights

Fan or fanatic?

Hamza Ali Abbasi - Naimal Khawar

While we were still on cloud nine idealizing Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding, the anti-climax kicked in. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s alleged first wife has come out amid all the festivities.

Turns out the Pyare Afzal star might have been married before. Days after the two celebrities tied the knot in a simple wedding ceremony, a girl named Anila has stepped up, claiming to be Hamza Ali Abbasi’s first wife. Is Anila a fan turned fanatic?

Taking to Twitter, Anila Veryamani from Umar Kot accused Naimal Khawar of “brainwashing” Hamza and “snatching” him from her. Girl, a man that can be swayed was never on your shore to begin with (or your ‘shohar’, maybe).


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“Naimal, you and Hania, played the game well and you took away Hamza from me. No matter what happens, l will be the first wife and love of his life as long as he shall live. We loved each other, and you came to our way, Brainwashed him against me. Now you are going to marry him tonight.”


Hamza Ali Abbasi’s alleged wife even listed Hania Amir as an accomplice in this treachery. (sounds so much like Anaa, Daneen shipping Izza and Altamash, away from Nashwa).


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Later, she responded to one Naimal’s tweet and repeated her claims that she was Hamza’s first wife and that Naimal stole her man. Matters got messy with threats of a legal battle.

“I was first in his life, and it’s my right to live in that house, and you snatched it from me, my husband. According to law. Man can’t take another wife not until he treats his first wife right, and Hamza did not give my rights, so he doesn’t have the right to keep you with him.”

Anila and her claims of being Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife aren’t new. In fact, she had made this claim first on March 18th, a day after Hamza posted a picture congratulating Quetta Gladiators for winning PSL 4 title.


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“Hamza, give me my rights!!!you take your responsibility as a man! Give me protection, safety, love, and care. Just like the right of any other wife!”

Shoaib-Sania Saga & the Alleged First Wife

Besides the odd similarities to Anaa, the situation is pretty much like the Shoaib-Sania saga. Star batsman Shoaib Malik faced a similar situation when he was going to tie the knot with Sania Mirza.

An Indian Muslim girl Ayesha Siddiqui came to limelight days after Sania and Shoaib announced their marriage date. She claimed to be Shoaib Malik’s first wife.


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The girl claimed that they had a long online relationship and that a telephonic Nikah took place in 2002. Malik only confirmed the first part of the story, saying that the Nikah never took place as the two families could not reach an understanding.

However, in Hamza’s story, Anila has nothing to show to support her claim. Meaning she’s just Hamza Ali Abbasi’s alleged first wife.

So far, Hamza hasn’t spoken on the issue, completely ignoring it. So does this mean his treatment of the matter as a non-issue makes it a non-issue?

Netizens have dismissed and ridiculed claims made by the alleged wife of Hamza.

People are calling on Hamza Ali Abbasi’s alleged first wife to take the legal route instead of gaining ‘cheap publicity.’



Written by Raza Rizvi


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