Hamza and Naimal’s Wedding Is Earning Praise For This ‘Simple’ Reason

Simple weddings are cool too!

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Namial Khawar

While Hamza and Naimal’s wedding is old news at this point, netizens still can’t get over it. In fact, the couple’s wedding is winning praise for one very ‘simple’ reason.

At a time where the #Aineeb and #Ambani weddings have broken records for being glitzy and super expensive to the hilt, it’s refreshing to see this intimate yet relatively inexpensive one held by Hamza and Naimal.

Fans are on board for this rustic, simple and intimate wedding trend too. Amidst the recent trend of couples trying to out-do each other with a grandiose wedding, many of us feel put off by the superficial materialism behind it all.

Some people may argue in favor of this culture of upstaging each other’s weddings, going so far as to mention that a wedding has to reflect your social standing. However, celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar have proven that there’s no shame in keeping it simple.


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Fans Love This Simple Wedding By Hamza Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

People should realize that when it comes to weddings, it’s your day and it should be about you, not your bank statement (say hello to FBR).

It goes without saying but repeats mentioning all the same. All that competition of having the grandest celebration ever can go as far as making families go bankrupt for life.


So we got to ask –  is making a statement with weddings worth it if it reflects on your bank statement?

In this economy, as expenses get higher and higher, we have to thank these two for steering the conversation towards more equal and inexpensive celebrations. Both Hamza and Naimal invited a few friends at their wedding at The Monal. In fact, it is also widely known that Hamza opted for a simple BBQ with friends instead of a full-fledged dholki.

So how strongly are people trucking this bandwagon?


Their wedding was a close, cozy and traditional event.

Speaking of tradition, Naimal Khawar didn’t even buy a dress. She wore her mother’s wedding dress.

Even the decor matched the sentiment.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar 1st Couple to Have a Low-key Wedding?

Contrary to what this netizen (below) had to say, prior to these two, many other celebs have also opted for a closed, low-key wedding.


Remember Fiza Ali’s wedding to Ayyaz Malik? The actress announced that she tied the knot in a low-key simple affair via Facebook.



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Then there was Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi’s alt-simple wedding, with her ‘Haq Mehr‘ (monetary security paid to the bride, like pre-wedding alimony) as Namaz-e-Fajr.

Let’s not forget Mahjabeen Habib the white bride, with a home wedding.


We hope this wedding trend is here to stay, with the onset of ‘shadi season’ as the weather clears up.


No Nay-sayers

Even people that aren’t Hamza Ali Abbasi’s biggest fans are onboard for this simple wedding trend he’s setting.




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There were no ‘simpering old folks’ calling out the PDA between the bride and groom.

There were some ‘traditionalists’ amid the crowd.



In the end let’s not forget that those who can afford it, can have a grandiose wedding. But we do hope that families don’t feel that it is absolutely necessary to go all out (and bankrupt in the process) to have a ‘dhoom-dhaam wali’ shadi.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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