Hania Aamir Plays Snooker Under Water

The popular actress explored the deepest swimming pool in the world.

The always adventurous and fun-loving Hania Amir dove into the world’s deepest swimming pool, exploring the depths of Deep Dive Dubai.

The Mere Humsafar star has been sharing snippets of her Dubai trip on social media, and her recent escapade into the abyss of Deep Dive Dubai has captured the attention of fans worldwide.

The actress embraced the extraordinary opportunity to explore the record-breaking 60-meter-deep pool, indulging in a series of unconventional activities.

From playing snooker to engaging in an underwater chess match, Hania had a blast underwater. Check it out!

Deep Dive Dubai, renowned for its unparalleled depth, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for scuba divers and freedivers alike. The facility is not merely a pool; it is a captivating underwater world themed to resemble an abandoned sunken city, drawing inspiration from the rich pearl-diving heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

After a day filled with underwater excitement, Hania treated herself to a well-deserved fine dining experience at the renowned KRASOTA Dubai restaurant. The eatery, known for its exquisite cuisine and luxurious ambiance, provided the perfect setting for Hania to unwind and reflect on her thrilling day of aquatic exploration.

Hania Aamir is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The young diva is a household name due to her charming personality and beautiful looks. She has made a name for herself, starring in several hit drama serials and films.

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