Hareem Shah Attracts Controversy Again, This Time with Sheikh Rasheed [Video]

Another leaked video, another scandal.

Hareem Shah

Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah manages to get wrapped up in one controversy after another. Now she’s going after Sheikh Rasheed.

While Hareem Shah had previously denied having a Twitter account when she was embroiled in the Shaheen Afridi video leak scandal, she’s been pretty active on the platform as of late.


Hareem Shah Denies Leaking Shaheen Afridi’s Controversial Video

In a recent tweet, she alleged that the State Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, had sent her explicit and inappropriate videos. Her expose consists of a recording of a video call between her and Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed where Hareem Shah is heard calling Sheikh Rasheed out on flashing himself to the TikToker via video call and ‘acting inappropriately’.

Ap jo video call pr nanga hu kr mjhy dikhaty thay, galat galat harkatein krtay thy. (You would flash yourself on video cards and do wrong things)”



That’s not all, she then threatened to share an explicit video of Prime Minister Imran Khan. She later deleted the tweet but screenshots are forever (forget diamonds).


This reminded people that similar threats had been posted on the ‘fake account’. Shortly after the controversy, the TikToker deleted her Twitter account.


Sheikh Rasheed’s supporters are outraged and calling for action against Hareem Shah and the other woman heard giggling in the background of the video (any guesses who that is?).

Meanwhile, some people are condemning both.

One thing is clear. The public are not supporting Hareem Shah in this controversy.


A meme

While some people are taking this seriously, this video has become food for memes.





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These Bilawal jokes are totally uncalled for though (not to mention sexist).



There’s plenty of disappointment going around.




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