Hareem Shah Tells Rana Sanaullah to Restore Internet or She Will Leak ‘All Videos’

Her tweet has sparked widespread discussions whether this is just a publicity stunt or a real threat.

TikToker Hareem Shah has threatened Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan to restore internet services across the country by tonight or else she will release ‘videos’ online without specifying the type of videos.

Following the “unjust” arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan by paramilitary officers outside the High Court in Islamabad, the federal government enforced a lockdown on all internet services on Tuesday.

The controversial influencer expressed her frustrations over the ongoing lockdown with her latest tweet which quickly went viral on social media. Hareem’s tweet has sparked widespread discussions about whether this is just a publicity stunt or if the TikToker has something that can badly expose the senior PML-N politician.

Hareem Shah’s tweet has added fuel to the already contentious issue, with many eagerly awaiting the outcome of her threat. TikToker’s online presence and controversial videos have garnered a significant following, making her announcement all the more impactful.

The government’s decision to impose a blanket ban on social media platforms and internet services has faced criticism from various quarters. While some argue that it is necessary to maintain law and order during the protests, others believe that it infringes upon freedom of speech and expression.

It remains to be seen how Rana Sanaullah will respond to Hareem Shah’s ultimatum and whether they will reconsider the social media lockdown.

Hareem Shah is a controversial TikToker who has made headlines for various scandals. She was recently in ‘hot waters’ after an obscene private video of her was leaked online.

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  1. ha ha ha, look who is threatening. we already have seen Hareem’s videos.

    haan khan sahib ke koi new release hai to bataoo…………………………..