Hareem Shah to Donate Gambling Winnings Worth Rs. 2.5 Million to Flood Victims

The TikTok sensation raised eyebrows with the announcement.

The controversial social media sensation Hareem Shah has announced that she will donate all the money her husband won at a casino in Malaysia to the flood victims in Pakistan.

The TikToker shared a video on her social media revealing that her husband, Bilal, had won 5,000 Malaysian Ringgits (Rs. 2.5 million), and proudly declared her decision to help her flood-stricken countrymen with them.


She and Bilal are currently vacationing in Malaysia and the former social butterfly is keeping her fans updated with all the insights into her happening trip.

Take a look:

However, social media users were not entirely impressed and remarked that her plan is ethically and morally wrong besides being against the Islamic laws to donate legitimately-earned money.

Approximately 33 million people have been affected by the recent floods in Pakistan that put a third of the country under water. People, organizations, and governments from around the world have been donating to the flood victims, and famous personalities like Mufti Menk and Angelina Jolie are visiting Pakistan to help and console the affectees.

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