Hareem Shah’s Friend Sandal Khattak Says She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong [Video]

A friend in need….

Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah

TikTok star Sandal Khattak has come out in Hareem Shah’s defense. Sandal thinks there shouldn’t be an inquiry against her friend Hareem Shah regarding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs video scandal.

While speaking to Geo News morning show Geo Pakistan on Friday Sandal Khattak defended her friend Hareem Shah against the backlash. In her opinion there is ‘nothing wrong‘ with recording a TikTok video that violates the decorum of MOFA and consular access only premises.

“In my opinion there shouldn’t be any inquiry at all as she did nothing wrong by recording the video.”


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Sandal Khattak even added that anyone can go meet a politician of their liking. Clearly she’s unaware of the tight security detail on all politicians.

“Anyone can go and meet politicians of their liking.”

Playing Songs in Foreign Office

On the subject of Hareem using Indian songs in the background, Sandal said they (TikTok users) select background songs randomly.

Sandal Khattak is not only a friend of Hareem Shah but also one half of the famous TikTok duo. They both garnered fame making TikTok videos together.


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On a separate note, when Sandal was asked if she has quit social media, she responded that she is currently with her family.

Earlier this week Hareem Shah received intense backlash for a viral TikTok video recorded inside the MOFA conference room. Netizens cried foul on the violation of MOFA decorum and why Hareem was allowed access to the consular-only premises.

Later the Prime Minister’s Office took notice of the incident and launched an inquiry. Previously other Pakistani citizens have been reprimanded for taking photographs and videos inside such government buildings and posting them online.