Has Zoya Triggered Zain To Become a Bad Husband in ‘Taana Baana’?

Taana Baana is taking quite an interesting turn as Zain becomes angry young man

The lead characters of Taana Baana are undergoing a major transformation. Our favorite, romantic hero, Zain aka Danyal Zafar has suddenly become an angry young man. First, he dropped Zoya in the middle of the road all alone, then he fought with his mother and then even attempted to hit the poor billu! This makes us wonder what has gone wrong with this sweet boy?


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Taana Baana takes a turn

It won’t be wrong to say that it is in fact Zoya who is compelling Zain to do all of this. She has literally left the poor boy frustrated and sad. Although he apologized for his mistake several times but Zoya continues to throw tantrums at him. She fails to acknowledge any effort being made by her husband and is acting as if she is the Queen of England.

Zoya’s character had a lot of flaws since the very beginning but now it is becoming even more annoying. She is nice to everybody except her own husband. Perhaps his biggest sin was marrying her.

Zain has recently lost his job too, the boy must be under a bit of pressure as any normal guy would. Instead of supporting him during this turbulent time, Zoya first demanded 15 lakhs from him and then orders him to pay her entire fees. Not once has she shown any empathy towards her better half.

We just feel sad for Zain, it seems that no one understands the lad and he is feeling quite alone at the moment. It’s time Zoya becomes a little soft!



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