Why Is Alize Shah’s Character in ‘Taana Baana’ Frustrating People?

Alize Shah’s character Zoya is very problematic

Alize Shah’s character Zoya in Taana Baana proved to be very appealing in the beginning. She was shown as an ambitious and fearless girl who knew what she wanted. She had dreams of her own and desired to complete her higher studies. Finally, we saw a female lead who had other priorities in life apart from getting married.


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However, over time the character has panned out very differently. It appears that the writer has become a bit extremist in the handling of this role. Not only Alize’s character is underwhelming but is even frustrating to people now. Here are some factors that make Zoya highly annoying.

Why is Alize Shah’s character determined to make life hell for Zain?

By now everybody knows that Zain blindly signed a contract before marrying Zoya. The poor boy is doing everything in his might to meet all the demands of his ignorant wife but his better half doesn’t show any leniency.

She didn’t even let him switch off the lights at night! What sort of arrogance was this? If your partner is supportive then you should be understanding too but Ms. Zoya is operating in an alternate reality.

She blames Zain for everything, and even humiliated him at her college for telling everyone that he was her husband! We can’t comprehend whether Zoya actually hates her husband or is there something inherently wrong with her?

Who did the styling?

Even the styling of the character is so boring. The monochromatic shalwar kameez with the extra big hairpin on Zoya’s head seems to be out of sync. Her dressing and her thought process don’t go together at all. There isn’t much effort put into building this key role.

Ignorance or foolishness?

It’s important to realize that Zoya is in a highly privileged setup, not many husbands in Pakistan are understanding and supportive. If your partner is holding the fort for you then it is imperative for you to at least show some courtesy and appreciation. However, this is totally against her belief system and she makes sure that she ridicules her husband in almost every scene. We can’t get the logic behind her actions and are forced to think whether she is ignorant or simply foolish?


Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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