Hassan Ahmed Talks About His Kidnapping [Video]

He opened up about his struggles.

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Prominent Pakistani actor Hassan Ahmed opened up about his psychological struggles from the past on the famous web talk show Rewind with Samina Peerzada.

Recently his wife, model and actress Sunita Marshall also appeared in the show and revealed some disturbing incidents about Hassan’s kidnapping which occurred in 2012. At first, both the actors were quite reluctant about sharing the details of the incident but it seems that they are finally able to let go of the traumatic memories.

While talking about the incident, Hassan mentioned that he was kidnapped in March 2012 and returned home after 35 days.

“It was a random case of kidnapping. It was horrible and terrifying but now I can easily talk about it.”


Sunita Marshall Opens About Husband Hassan Ahmed’s Kidnapping

He added,

“I was there because God wanted to fix somethings in me but I felt he kept telling me that I will take you out of this scenario, you just have to be patient but while you are here, learn to spend your life.”

While talking about self-recovery, Hasan mentioned that while he was kept hostage, he was really traumatized. But after coming back home, three to four months later, he was back to being who he was and had completely forgotten about what had happened to him which he regrets the most.


However, for the past six or eight months, he has reflected on his actions and made an effort to bring some positive changes in his life and himself.

The actor also talked about the initial period of his career and said, “we had this concept that whoever is doing a lead role is a hero. Now I think, a lot of work is being done on character-actors.”

“Everyone has to up their game and there’s a lot of focus on acting that how good of a performer you are more than the looks, I like it,” he further added, explaining this is exactly how he wanted this industry to shape up.


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You can watch the full interview here:

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