Russell Arnold Finally Gets His Greatest Wish During Karachi Visit

Karachi ki biryani has no competition.

Russel Arnold

If you are reading this article, chances are you are from Pakistan. And of course, you must have heard about a certain dish called “Biryani”. And if you haven’t… then you might be living under a rock.

If you are a Pakistani superstar, you may think, you’re all the buzz, all the rage, all the hype. People write articles about you. They salivate for your next social media update. Every move you make is monitored by the masses and media alike.

But no matter, how big of a hotshot you think you may be. You don’t hold a candle to a piping hot plate of biryani.


Russell Arnold Is in Karachi and He Wants Biryani

Its the eternally popular dish, loved by many. Whether you are on your lunch break, hanging out with friends. or it’s a traditional Sunday Biryani day. You’re gonna keep coming back for more.

And of course in weddings, when the walls come down and food is served. Everyone and their mother leaps headfirst for Biryani, trampling loved ones, just so they can fill up their plate.

And no biryani is complete without Aloo. None! 

Guess who else loves Biryani?

Former Sri-Lankan cricketer and now coach Russel Arnold, is currently in Pakistan for a series of matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He was treated to Biryani (from the Legendary Biryani Wala Student Biryani no less).

Russel certainly got a kick to his taste buds. Guess he really got his greatest wish fulfilled as the meat, potatoes and rice n spice goodness coursed through his body.

He tweeted having Biryani on the pitch

Safe to say, from his reaction, he loved it!


Pakistani Biryani Goes Viral in Morocco!


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