Sunita Marshall Opens About Husband Hassan Ahmed’s Kidnapping

The actress reveals what happened during that time.


Renowned Pakistani actress and model Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed have been married for ten years now and they are all about couple goals. Sunita recently appeared in talk show Rewind with Samina Peerzada, and opened up about the difficult time she faced when her husband was kidnapped for 35 days.

The model turned actress spoke about the difficulties she faced throughout her career as well as her married life before revealing the heartbreaking incident of her husband, actor Hassan Ahmed’s kidnapping that occurred in March 2012.

“We celebrated our son’s first birthday on 19th of March and Hassan was kidnapped on the 21st of March, two days after.”

While recalling the incident, it became evident that the tragic details began to upset both her and the host Samina. She revealed disturbing details that she had to go back and forth to the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and had to negotiate with the kidnappers.

While narrating the story, she reveals what went on in her mind during those terrible days:

“The kidnappers would call and our days went through going to CPLC and waiting. I used to receive calls for the kidnapping dealings. It was a tough time but then it flew by.”


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She went on to say:

“35 days, I don’t know how 35 days passed by, I couldn’t understand,” referring to the amount of days her husband was held hostage.

She continued that after constant negotiations with the criminals, they finally agreed to allow her to come with the ransom money. However, she did not go to release her husband but sent their mutual friend Danish instead. She further gave credit to CPLC for their support and help throughout the kidnapping. Sunita explained that the night of her husband’s release was traumatizing as she had no confirmation about the well-being of her husband.

“Our mutual friend Danish Khawaja took the ransom amount, CPLC supported us throughout. There were two kidnappers and when they realized we had the CPLC along, there was an exchange of fire. We got the bag back with the ransom amount back, captured the man and found out he was ex ASI. There was an investigation and 9 people from his family were rounded up, including his wife. The family was then threatened to bring Hassan back but we were very much afraid because nobody was even answering our call.”

Sunita broke down into tears and said, “That night was very difficult,” before gathering herself with a smile and saying that her husband was returned the next morning.

She also talked about the trauma Hassan had to face because of the incident. He was “mentally disturbed” as he was held captive and constantly threatened..

“He had been traumatized because he had been threatened. It took a month for Hassan to stabilize. He stopped going out. but his friends were very supportive throughout,” added Sunita, thanking the constant support they received from their friends and family which helped her husband continue with his life.

You can watch Sunita Marshall’s full interview here.


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