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Hate Has No Place Here: Kashmiri Uncle Forces Modi Supporter To Apologize [Video]

A minority abroad should support minorities at home


A Kashmiri-American uncle put a Hindutva supremacist in his place chanting ‘Modi Zindabad‘ at a convenience store in the USA. The uncle schooled him so hard that this hardened Modi fan ended up apologizing to the senior citizen.

It all happened when an Indian Hindutva supremacist, Ravind Kumar walked into a 7-Eleven in the United States and saw a fellow brown man. He asked the uncle where he was from, and discovered that he was from Kashmir.


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Kumar, in a bid to appear menacing and aggressive, made a fistbump at the person next to him. He also yelled ‘Modi Zindabad‘ to the Kashmiri uncle’s face. Little did he know he had messed with the wrong uncle here.

Hell Hath No Fury Like an Uncle Scorned

The uncle wasted no time in reminding this Hindu supremacist of his minority status in America. That’s right, he just flipped the tables on this guy.

If that wasn’t enough, this uncle called him out for applauding the human rights violations and atrocities against the Kashmiri Muslim minority in India, whilst he was a minority in the US. The Kashmiri man called him out for discrimination against Kashmiris. Irony much?

“‘Modi Zindabad‘, how is that helping? Killing people in Kashmir!? You’re a minority in this country you should support minority rights.”



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The Kashmiri man called out India as a state that has become adept at oppressing minorities.

“I don’t understand how Indians are minorities in other countries, then they go and oppress minorities in India. What kind of country is that!?”

Appealing to Humanity

To put it straight, this Kashmiri uncle wants Indian Bakhts (extremists) to show a little humanity. His core message was:

If not compassion, then at least show some empathy towards minorities in your country, especially when most of you have experienced being a minority yourselves.

The atrocities against the Kashmiri Muslim minority in Indian Occupied Kashmir forced the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to release its first-ever report on the human rights situation in Kashmir in June.

According to the Human Rights Watch:

Mob violence by extremist Hindu groups affiliated with the ruling BJP against minority communities has continued throughout 2018.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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