‘He Sung The Original Song So Well’: Varun Dhawan Praises Abrar ul Haq For ‘Nach Punjaban’

Varun Dhawan thanked Abrar ul Haq for his song ‘Nach Punjaban’ but still claimed that the music label bought the rights

With all the hullabaloo, hype and noise created by Kjo’s Jug Jug Jeeyo, the film is all set to release. But the film also came into the spotlight for stealing the Pakistani iconic song ‘Nach Punjaban’ and ever since it has been courting some controversy. At first, the music label as well as actors blatantly denied all the copyright claims made by Abrar ul Haq.

But as the situation became grave and Abrar knocked on the courtroom door. The ace director Karan Johar instantly gave him credit but mentioned his name at a place where one has to zoom in to see it.

However, in a recent interview, Varun Dhawan thanked Abrar ul Haq and expressed his gratitude to him for his song claiming that the film’s music company, T-Series, bought the rights to the original.

“I want to say to Abrar that he has sung the song so well, the original one. It is amazing, outstanding and we loved it. Our music company, they bought the rights and now our song is doing so well, so thank you.”


Moreover previously, the Billo crooner had tweeted,

“I have not sold my song ‘Nach Punjaban’ to any Indian movie and reserve the rights to go to court to claim damages. Producers like Karan Johar should not use copy songs. This is my 6th song being copied which will not be allowed at all.”

Abrar hasn’t given any statement regarding the recent events. Let’s see what he has to say about it.

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