Heartbroken Saba Qamar Urges World Leaders to Lift Sanctions on Syria

Let Syrians recover!

Saba Qamar Zaman appealed to the international authorities to lift sanctions on Syria after the nation was rocked by a deadly earthquake.

Syria and Turkey were struck by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that left thousands dead and many displaced. While the world leaders express their sympathies for Syrians, they have yet to lift their strict sanctions on the region that is preventing international rescue workers from reaching Syria.

Saba Qamar raised awareness on the issue as she shared a flight radar image of the region in which little to no flights are landing in Syria due to various sanctions.

The Kamli star tweeted,

Lift the sanctions on Syria. Let Syrians recover! My heart bleeds for them.

The death toll in Syria and southern Turkey continues to rise at an alarming rate with many people still trapped under the rubble. Local rescue workers are working against time in the harsh winter conditions to find survivors trapped under collapsed buildings.

A young girl and her little brother were thankfully found in time among the rubble. The picture of the young girl protecting her little brother left everyone in tears.

According to a UN official, thousands of children could have been killed. Residents fumbled through rubble in desperate search of survivors, sometimes with no basic tools. Officials expressed concern over the humanitarian situation in Syria, which is already suffering from a humanitarian crisis following nearly 12 years of civil conflict.

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