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Heer Maan Ja Gives Us Our New Mehndi Anthem With ‘Addi Maar’ [Video]

Its tearing up the dance floor!

Addi Maar from Heer Maan Ja

After their super hit track for ParchiBillo Hai‘, Sahara UK gives us ‘Addi Maar‘ a new mehndi anthem.

Addi Maar is the first song to be released from the Heer Maan Ja soundtrack.

You can listen to it here:

Guess Who’s Back?

The song from Heer Maan Ja soundtrack features Pakistani superstar Zara Sheikh (the Jazz Girl herself) as she marks her cinematic comeback.

Nindy Kaur offered her vocals for Zara Sheikh’s part of the wedding dance number. The Punjabi-British songstress has a unique voice that really pierces through the dhol bass.

Manj Musik produced Addi Maar under the Saga Music record label.

Addi Maar
Zara Sheikh tears up the dance floor in Heer Maan Ja


Zara Sheikh Makes a Comeback with “Heer Maan Ja”

The Punjabi number has a contagious energy (as if there was any doubt) and the lyrics manage to keep up.

While the lyrics are repetitive like most contemporary pop singles, they still come across as very catchy. Case in point, that Punjabi rendition of ‘tear up the dance floor‘, ‘pa dy gidh ich pochar‘ (nailed that one).

‘Addi Maar’ and Its Creative Choices

Meanwhile, Ali Rahman and Zara Sheikh’s dance moves are on point. A round of applause to Faiz-ud-Din, the choreographer, and Osman Kahlid Butt for helping. The choreography wasn’t too perfect that it would drain the song’s fun vibe.

Zara Sheikh’s facial expressions were sassier than Ali Rahman though. Perhaps its accurate to say that she’s the Pakistani equivalent of Michelle Pfiefer.


“Heer Maan Ja” Trailer Has the Story Going All Over the Place! [Video]

Art director Javeria Salaar’s choice of color palette added to the drama. We can see it with all the orange and blue color scheme, right down to the dance floor.

Lets not forget Ali Rahman’s lime green attire popping out and Zara Sheikh luxurious-in-purple dress. The set (with the bride-groom quirks) and music just melded together in one glorious wave.

Addi Maar - Heer Maan Ja
Even the dance floor matches the color palette, great going Javeria Salaar

The dhol beat can bring out dance moves in anyone (pure magic we say). With wedding season about to go full throttle, Addi Maar came at the right time.

So which song will be blaring louder this season – Addi Maar or Ik Pal? My bet is on Addi Maar.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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