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Here’s How Mahira Khan Likes Her Biryani

Who doesn’t love biryani?

mahira khan

Biryani is not just a food. It is an emotion, a state of well being and an art in itself. And if someone messes up with this eighth wonder of the world, then be prepared for the consequences.


And there are times when you expect so much from a biryani, but end up being disappointed. Again, it’s not the fault of the poor biryani. It’s just that some people consider yellow rice as biryani. All that glitters is not gold my friend.

But apart from the color and the preference, there is one thing that unites the whole nation and that is,

“No elaichi in biryani.”

There is no doubt that elaichi (cardamom) is a great spice but when a random elaichi pops up in your mouth while your taste buds are on a heavenly ride of flavors, you suddenly take a fall from cloud 9 to the ground. And that pretty sure hurts a lot.


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Mahira Khan shares the same concern.

In her Twitter #askmahira Q & A session, a fan asked her a very serious question. And she gave an honest answer. We appreciate her fondness for biryani.

The fan asked,

“Biryani with or without aalo?”

In response to this, Mahira said that she likes it both ways, however, she can’t stand the random elaichi attack.

“With or without.. I just can’t stand the elaichi when it appears out of nowhere!”

All the elaichi haters at the moment.


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Written by Munazza Mehmood

Writer by day, biryani enthusiast by night. Completely drowned into the world of K-pop.


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