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Here’s How Much Aiman and Minal Have Changed Over The Years [Pictures]

From school days to stardom!

Aiman and Minal

As we see actors grow on screen, sometimes it feels as though this is how they’ve always been. While twins Aiman and Minal have held on to their innocent looks, they have changed by leaps in their journey towards adulthood.

The twin sisters are very close-knit (like most twins) and stuck together throughout their career. Aiman and Minal set foot in the biz at a really young age. Now they have grown up to be huge stars.

These sisters even started their weight loss journey together which made a big difference in their appearance. Whilst they always had innocent faces, its a fact that they have changed drastically.

Aiman and Minal, Now and Then

One thing that hasn’t changed is the sisters’ iron-clad bond from their school days to stardom.

Aiman and Minal
Twin actors Aiman and Minal Khan over the years


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The girls had a knack for ‘twinning‘ even as far back as their early teens.

Aiman and Minal
Twin sisters literally twinning


Good thing we’ve learned to tell them apart. (am I doing this right?)

Aiman and Minal
Which twin is this?

One thing’s for sure. These twins have always loved the camera.

Aiman and Minal
Pakistani twin actresses posing for the camera


Okay so about that part being able to tell them apart. We can still struggle at times.

Aiman and Minal


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They’ve always had a thing for selfies though.

Aiman and Minal
From child actors to professional actresses

Aiman and Minal


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It really doesn’t help that the sisters have an identical style.

Aiman and Minal
Twinning is a style statement

Aiman and Minal


This picture goes back to when Aiman and Minal were just little girls. Now they’re all grown-up career women with dotting husbands. Aiman Khan is even a mother.

Aiman and Minal
Aiman and Minal Khan then vs now

Guess the more things change, they remain the same? You be the judge of that.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Lol do they seriously think they are born in 1998!

    In 2011, they claimed to be 12 year old but definitely don’t look like 12 year!

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