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Ibrahim Ali Khan’s Mystery Girl is An Instagram Personality

Who is Ibrahim Ali Khan dating?

Ibrahim Ali Khan dating an Instagrammer

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan is rumored to be dating. The smoke to this fire was set off when the ‘Prince of Pataudi‘ was spotted with a mystery girl.

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan has an uncanny resemblance with his father. The B-Town progeny is swarmed almost everywhere he goes.

Like his half-brother Taimur Ali Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan is slowly becoming the paparazzi’s favorite.


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Recently he was spotted with his friend and Sohail Khan’s son, Nirvan Khan in Bandra. What really grabbed the paparazzi’s attention was a mystery girl in the midst. A girl being there is no big deal, but Ibrahim Ali Khan dating is. The way Ibrahim Ali Khan was cozying up to her made headlines.

The two were twinning in black, walking hand in hand. Twinning is a couple thing, and so is holding hands. As excited as we are to see Ibrahim Ali Khan’s first (public) relationship, first relationships can often serve as a stepping stone to a heartbreak.

Who is Ibrahim Ali Khan’s Alleged Girlfriend?

According to Hindustan Times, the mystery girl is Ananya Marwaha.

Ananya is an Instagrammer and founder of a unique events company Balloon Blushh. She’s the daughter of Neena Marwaha, and has a sister, Sanam Marwaha.


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Ibrahim Ali Khan Bollywood Debut

Meanwhile, besides buzz around Ibrahim Ali Khan dating life, he’s set to make his Bollywood debut.

His father Saif Ali Khan is all for his son following in his footsteps. He did express that it would have to wait till he finishes school (read university).

“He should (do it). He’s looking good, better looking than I am! He’s a very charming guy. I think all of my children would be interested in acting. We’re an acting family, the whole bunch of us are in the industry. So I’m sure.”


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His sister Sara Ali Khan, who made her Bollywood debut just recently with Kedarnath is also supportive of Ibrahim joining the biz.

“I think Ibrahim definitely does want to be an actor. We talk about films and I do know that being an actor is what he dreams of. But I have also often told him that having a dream and living it are two different things.”

via Hindustan Times

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