Here’s How Much Ayeza Khan Has Changed Over the Years [Pictures]

A style icon!

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is considered a natural beauty in the industry. The actress has been in the biz for a number of years now.

Like most actresses, Ayeza Khan too has undergone reinvention over the years. Her transformation didn’t involve any surgical procedures though. The Pyarey Afzal actress joined the entertainment industry at a young age and audiences grew with her over the years.

She was in college when her acting career began. Her looks have changed with time and she’s prettier than ever. Even a maternal bliss just gave her a remarkable glow.

Fans who haven’t followed her journey till now, you’re in luck, Here’s a walk down memory lane, looking at moments from Ayeza Khan’s career past.



Ayeza Khan
Sticking to solid colors

While her looks are still solid and minimal, the Mere Pass Tum Ho actress’s style has really evolved. Initially, all actors experiment with their looks. Now that the Ayeza has the best stylists at her disposal, we can see the difference.


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Body Language

Ayeza Khan
From past roles to ‘Yaariyan’

The actress, now dubbed as the epitome of grace by fans, was a giddy college girl when she started off in the biz. Ayeza’s acting, the roles she takes on, and her body language has evolved with her career.

Now the actress is calm and collected in her demeanor. She takes on roles other than those of a likable leading lady or a damsel in distress. Her roles in Yaariyan and Mere Pass Tum Ho are examples of her stepping out of her comfort zone.


Lighter is Fairer?

Ayeza Khan denies using whitening injections

Another thing many people noticed was how Ayeza Khan’s skin lightened over the years. The actress was asked about using whitening injections but she has always denied the claims. In an interview, the actress also said that she just looked darker on-screen because the make-up artists applied foundation a few shades darker than her skin tone.

It is evident that though the actress never went under the knife. Her features are pretty much the same but her make-up choices have changed though.


Fit not Skinny

When the Meri Raqsam actress joined the industry she was on the skinnier side. After two children most women put on weight and rush to shed to extra pounds. Ayeza Khan took the healthier route and gradually replaced that weight with muscle.


Fit has already replaced skinny as a beauty standard, so why not.


Shedding Roles

Ayeza Khan
Damsel in distress roles over the years

The actress hasn’t just ditched her old style preferences but also old roles she took on. We haven’t seen Ayeza Khan play the vivacious, naive young woman she played in Tum Jo Miley.

She still takes on the damsel in distress roles. That might be due to the fact that this role is a constant in the Pakistani drama scene.


Snaps on Set

Ayeza Khan

A few years ago people would rely on behind the scene (BTS) shots to see what’s happening on-set and off-screen. These snaps on set would then be shared via traditional media. Social media just wiped that out.

Most actors have a social media presence and they share moments directly with their fans. This includes BTS shots. This also means social media profiles are carefully curated. So no more candid shots.



New Avatars

Ayeza Khan
avatars Ayeza Khan dons for modeling projects

While her characters on-screen stay within a range, the Koi Chand Rakh actress dons various avatars for her modeling projects.


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Revamped Bride

Bridal looks in 90s vs now

Speaking of modeling projects, even Ayeza Khan’s bridal looks have changed over the years. From all that rage about the 90s dark eyes and layers of lip gloss to modern muted neutrals.

Even how the Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat actress changed her brows is an example of how we all adhere to trends. No one has those thin brows from the 90s anymore.

Changing trends is just something everyone adheres to. So here’s a throwback to an ad Ayeza Khan did with Reema Khan.

Ayeza Khan - Reema Khan
Ayeza Khan and Reema Khan on-set of TVC

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