Here’s How Much Meray Paas Tum Ho Earned at the Box Office

These are some seriously big numbers.

Drama serial Meray Paas Tum Ho scored big at the box office, bagging massive numbers with just advance ticket sales. The last episode just might have bagged bigger numbers than box-office hit films. It’s expected sales are estimated at around Rs 2 crores!

With three shows lined up at 8 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm on 25th January, all the 8 pm and 10 pm shows were fully booked in most parts of the country. The drama’s finale success is built on pre-show ticket sales all across Pakistan.


Mere Paas Tum Ho May End Up Getting a Sequel!

In Lahore alone, the ARY Digital drama collected an estimated Rs 500,000 from Cinepax, Amana Mall, Link Road. This was followed with approximately Rs 300,000 worth of sales from Cinestar ATC.

On Saturday, Meray Paas Tum Ho collected Rs two lakhs and an additional over Rs two lakhs on Sunday from Faisal Cinema, Gujrat.

Even in Faisalabad, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s creation bagged over Rs 1 lakhs at the Nagina Cinema. Noor Mahal Cinema also rolled in with over Rs 1 lakh in Faisalabad.

Cinepax King Mall in Gujranwala really showed the love with an estimated Rs 400,000 worth of ticket sales.


Ticket Sales by Estimates

While it is too soon to dish out box office numbers here are some rough estimates;

  • Cinepax, Amana Mall, Link road – 5 lacs
  • Cinestar ATC, Lahore – 3 lacs
  • Faisal Cinema Gujrat – over 4 lacs
  • Nagina Cinema, Faisalabad – over 1 lac
  • Noor Mahal Cinema, Faisalabad – over 1 lac
  • Cinepax King Mall, Gujranwala – 4 lacs
  • Centaurus Cinema, Islamabad – 10 lac
  • Collective Sindh – 77 lacs


‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ Earnings Set to Surpass the Latest Fast and the Furious Film!

The combined collection from the capital’s Centaurus Cinema was an estimated total of  Rs 10,000,000 lakhs on Saturday and Sunday!

Whereas Sindh raked in over Rs 77 lakhs. Amid the present numbers and keeping in mind the drama serials massive following, it is not so far fetched to estimate that it netted over Rs two crores worth in ticket sales.

Meray Paas Tum Ho is still in theaters for those who haven’t seen it yet.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Meray Pas Tum Ho is a B grade drama with many faults in the story with a lot of unnecessary hype. Feel sorry for the people who wasted Rs. 800 per ticket to watch the last episode in the theatres for a depressing ending. Danish could have married the teacher, and lived happily with his son, leaving Mehwish to suffer alone in her misery. Why do we like tragedies?

    • Ap k comment ka shukriya but drama acha tha aur jo ap kehrahay thay wo to sub expect kar hii rahay thay acha huwaa k change kiyaa climax ko

    • Drama bakwas tha, par Shahid Bhai ne aakhri qist tak dekha. Aam tor par jo drama pasand nahi aae, 1 ya 2 episodes kay baad chchor diya jata hay. LOL

    • If he had married the teacher that would mean he moved on and this might give a message that there isnt any True love. Everybody moves on

    • Shahid Khalid you are right.. we was expecting a real life ending than this shit. Danish deserved to get love and happy life because of his pure heart and honest person. And Mehwish deserved depressed life because of her greediness.

    • No….This is not a fault that ending is on Danish’s death. You are not a writer..this is not a drama but a phenomena❤.
      Ending is much better as no one can get Danish. That’s the point like Meray Paas tum Ho.

  2. To call a girl 2 takay ki and have a heart attack when you see her bewilders me! Roomi the little boy who couldn’t put 2 words together six months earlier has become Harry Potter with the mind of Allama Iqbal. And then to show the girl taking “keep” money from the first wife and repenting at the same time!!!! I think the writer done a runner before he could pen the ending!

    • Bas ek baat aur ho sakta hai dusre drame b shayad apko cinema me hi end dekhne parenge. Drama jinta chal gya samjho qemat lag gai.

  3. Over all drama bohat acha tha dialog ? presentation ? end was good
    not a typical happy ending no dought kuch galtian theen end main but pora dramna itna acha banaya Puri tram me usko admire karna chaye
    Or ye bat to bilkul hi galat hay ke cinima walon ne Pasay waste key it was really worth to spent money on it

  4. Drama was not good at’s overrated … Alif Thora sa haq and kaheen deep jalay are far better than the shittt!!!

    • No….MPTH was much better than Thora Sa Haq and kahin deep jalay!!
      However…Alif ❤was in competition to MPTH.But who cares as both dramas are produced by Humayun Saeed??

  5. The worst ending… Totally foul & minimum characters story of just 6 to 8 persons… Is it any drama in the world that contain just few persons in it. I was just watching it for time pass. And it is really a rubbish serial in ky whole drama experience. The people’s who buy tickets are just waste of their money. Or made their money bullshit.

  6. The darama was not as good as the old legendary daramas of PTV. But the hype was created. The only thing good in the darama was some of the dialogues. Otherwise it was not a hig rated darama.

  7. But ju marzi loog khaye shaid e is sy acha darama koi hit huwa fakhar krna chiye Pakistaniyo k ya drama srif Pakistan ma Ni bhut country ma hit tha or loog dhak rhy thy khas kr indai ny bhut follow kiye Uno ny hr episode ki comment ma love likh kr bhjha ha ending bhut achi thi jesy loog samg rhy thy us Sy hat k hu gya best drama in Pakistan drama history
    Love ♥️ United Arab Emirates
    All Pakistan congratulations k ab Pakistan k b name chal rha ha hr taraf

  8. Ending was 101% right….Danish us se itna pyar krta tha to teacher se kesy kr skta tha shadi…ring wapis krny ka mtlb wo tchr k ly serious ni tha uska beta wja tha ring ki…usk pyar ki shiddt e aesi thi k Ksi or ka ho e ni ska…dramy k nam se e ending bn gai k wo usk pas ni to usk zndgi b khtm…

  9. best drama ever in my life i have ever seen,and this is the best ending of the drama, agr danish doosri shadi kr leta to logo ka muhabat pr say aitbaar uth jata,
    …..r us me r mehwish me kya fark reh jata ,mehwish ne jo bhi kiya but uski muhabt nhi badki us ne bewafai nhi ki bewafai k jawab me bhi nhi so i think k is say better ending ho hi nhi skti thi, est dialoges,best actors ,solute to khalil ul rehman sahib

  10. In each drama of geo and hum-women are slapped kicked pushed humilated thrown out of house-by husbands ,mother in laws – all bold and libral women like Rubina Ashraf and Saba Pervaiz are making and acting in dramas where nice sweet “bahus” are called nagan, besharam, bud kirdaar and so on by saas and nands-and All the bahus just listen and cry and again get ready to be more humiliated-THAT is accepted –why ??? A character of Danish was like majority of men in our society-being a good husband and father-working hard togive to their family and nev wsnting anything for themselves-my father ; my uncles , my brother are all like this.What Mehvish did -dont you think deserved atleast some reaction from Danish-he was stopping her till end -any such homely husband if is shown pictures of his wife in night gown by some other guy -what should a husband do-come and salute his wife ? And wh she is all willing to go with that guy not thinking even ab her son-should she was given red carpet see off ??? She at that moment made herself “do take kee”-but remember he loved her -although she nev let him move on-using son and friends to pressurise Danish-after she was bought back to reality getting slap fr Maham-Danish for once in life become Ziddi-he wud forgive but not forget-and the kind person he was – for his son comes to meet Mehvish in the same old hm- he- then loses his strength-act that day he died physically-he was dead when she left him-it was the most logical end.

  11. Iss dramay main aik story thee jiss kay paas mehwish thee us k paad daulat nahee thee mehwish adnan siddiquee kay paas gahee us say daulat chalee gahee aur danish crore patti ho giya kiyoon kay us say mehwish chalee gahee.. Iss liyay kehtay hain daulat aurat kee qismet main hay.. Doosra result.. Jiss nay zana kiya us nay apnay aap ko fana kiya…

  12. Drama bht acha tah.. Aj kl bht se larkia apny shor ko khti hin k fala apky k dost ki bv gold k set lie mujy b lh din… Car new lie ap b lh.. Beshk bhir vo haram kamie yh halal… Asi oroty k st asa e ona chie.. Phli br orat ko chor k.. Sas bahoo chor k kuch bna.. Mrd bewfie bardsht ni kr skta… Ap apnay as pas nazar dorhie ap ko mil jie gi Mahvish… Apna garor ana izat orat ki muthi ma rhkta hy jb subha duty py jta hy.. Lkn juo e vo jta haiy yh muhti kol dti haiy… Ending b achi th or dielog to kml k thy… Wl done Khalil ul raham Qamar sbb

  13. It’s so amazing how majority people of my country have a such a perverted thought process. The drama was dramatic. The story has a bit substance. But the theme was unrealistic.

  14. Dear friends, wishes from the UK. I usually don’t get time to watch tv. I started watching this drama few weeks earlier and got hooked to it. Though similar stories have been telecasted earlier. The dialogues delivery drew me back to my childhood when I read several novels and family magazines like akhbare Jehan. That connection bound me to watch drama till end. I completely agree there were some flaws, but it was an interesting addition over all. I am so proud that Pakistan dramas still have life in them. I believe Alif story and content is far better than this, but the credit of this hype goes to effective and powerful marketing strategy of ARY. I live in London and felt so proud of Pakistani dramas. Thumbs up to all of us! Congratulations!

  15. میں مر گئی شوکت علی،، اس سے اچھا ڈرامہ پاکستان میں آج تک نہیں بن سکا ۔ یہ بھی اچھا تھا مگر ،،میں مر گئی شوکت علی ،، ڈرامہ دیکھ کر خود کہیں گے کہ ایسا ڈرامہ نہیں دیکھا

  16. Good drama it talks about wht is happening these days, but the end was RUBBISH, not at all excepting that Danish would die straight away, he should.have married the teacher and mevish should have been taught a lesson… the end was a total disaster

  17. آج دانش کی پہلی جمعرات ہے
    اللہ مرحوم کے درجات بلند فرمائے اور پسماندگان کو صبر جمیل عطا فرمائے

  18. Humayun saeed congratulations
    Great story acting and dialog superb
    V love all artist best performance thanks ary nadeem baig & Khalil rehman also music & song

  19. I live in uk 36 years. This was 1 of the unique drama that captured the people. Some eye opening facts in the drama 1. The grass isnt greener the other side. 2. Lost respect from others. 3. About true love. 4. This time the man was valuable innocent. 5. Most important Allah given you what you deserve.

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