Here’s What Humayun Saeed Thinks About Hamza’s Decision To Quit Showbiz

The ‘Bin Roye’ star posted a picture with a heartfelt note

Hamza Ali Abbasi and his wife Naimal Khawar has been winning the hearts of fans and followers with their adorable posts on social media.

However, some fans have mixed feelings for Hamza. Particularly his announcement to quit showbiz and spend the rest of his life, spreading the message of Islam.

Humayun Saeed Supports Hamza

One actor fully supported Hamza’s decision. It is none other than acclaimed Lollywood superstar Humayun Saeed. The popular star took to Instagram to wish good fortune to his fellow actor on his new journey.

Humayun Saeed shared a picture of himself alongside Hamza on his Instagram with a heartfelt caption.

Saeed said:

“Wishing Hamza Ali Abbasi all the best for the new journey he has decided to embark on. May Allah give you the strength to stay steadfast and may He give you success in all your endeavors.”


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Why Hamza Quit Showbiz

The news of Hamza’s decision of departing the showbiz industry came on Thursday. The Pyare Afzal star posted a detailed video message on social media. Hamza stated that his decision is on 10 years of research. He said that his will try to shape his life in accordance with Islam.

Here is the video:

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Best ever decision by famed Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi to quit showbizz and spends his life according to the religion Islam and commandments of Almighty Allah. May Almighty Allah bear-fruit his taken descision for ad-infinitum. May Almighty Allah give us courage and strength to live our lives inaccordance with our Pious Religion and Obliged his rules and regulations. It’s not only duty of any single Muslim Human-Being to widespread the message of Islam to every nook and corner in this world but also it’s duty of all Muslims and to spend their lives by following the laws of Almigty Allah.

  2. Wish you all the best in your future decisions you take for Islam. Kindly read Islam throughly bcz your posts on media are allowed. To be considered it positively. Allah give you strength to stand on the right path. We’ll pray for your success dear brother . Insha Allah

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