Here’s What Netizens Have to Say About Mani in ‘Chupke Chupke’

While characters like Meenu, Fazi and Hadi from the drama are winning hearts, others are putting the audience off.

While characters like Meenu, Fazi and Hadi from Chupke Chupke are winning hearts, others are putting the audience off. Mani’s ‘Mani Bhai’s is one such character.

The Ramazan serial currently airing on Hum TV casts Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid Butt in the lead roles as ‘Meenu‘ and ‘Fazi‘. While Arsalan Naseer and Aimen Saleem made their drama debut as ‘Hadi‘ and ‘Mishi‘.

The drama also cast Salman Saqib Sheikh AKA Mani as ‘Mani‘, Fazi’s brother-in-law.


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It’s not just ‘duniya bari fazool’, but audiences are saying it’s Mani’s acting as well. Salman Saqib Sheikh is a former television show host turned actor. Mani is largely known for his comic roles, but people aren’t amused by his performance in Chupke Chupke.

Despite being a comedian, Mani fails to make audiences laugh.

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The public calls out Mani’s acting in ‘Chupke Chupke’ as ‘fazool’


Then there were comments about whether the comedian was built for a nuanced character.



From his character’s incessant mumbling to what it adds to the serial, the public wonders if adding him was even necessary. His dialogue delivery in particular was heavily criticized.

Was adding Mani’s character necessary?

Rumi’s husband ‘Mani‘ appeared in episode 15th. Since then he’s failed to make an impression, while the Internet really only has one impression of him.

Why does Rumi have the same expression for everything?


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The character arc doesn’t make much sense. While Fazi’s eldest brother-in-law ‘Miskeen’ is a ‘ghar damad’, why is Mani constantly around? While people have been sticking up for Ali Safina’s ‘Miskeen‘, Mani just feels like a flanker of that character.

What’s with that expression?

The character doesn’t add much to the story, and doesn’t even have impressive dialogues like another addition, ‘Baray Abba‘ played by Qavi Khan.

What do you think of Rumi’s husband Mani? How would you like to see his character arc move forward?

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