Here’s What We Know About Ayeza & Sarah Khan’s Characters in ‘Laapata’

Asma Abbas, Ali Rehman and Gohar Rasheed are also part of the cast.

As actress Sarah Khan shared major news about starting a family, her Laapata costar shared the first teasers for their upcoming drama.

Ali Rahman Khan shared two teasers for Laapata.


Here’s a Look at Ayeza and Sarah Khan’s Next Drama ‘Laa Pata’

Based on what the teasers show us, Sarah Khan and Ali Rahman play love interests in the series.

Meanwhile, Ayeza Khan is playing a character similar to ‘Meenu‘ in Laapata. She’d rather get married than deal with school and studying.

We already know her character is a TikToker. Now we even get a glimpse of the filmy kind of content she creates for the video-sharing platform.

We also get to see that Asma Abbas plays her mother in the drama serial. Audiences already think it’s like ‘Baybay‘ and Meenu got back together.

What people think about Ayeza Khan and Asma Abbas in ‘Laapata’.


The posters for the drama serial are also out. Each poster centers on one of the four central characters. While we see Ayeza Khan is obviously the social media-obsessed butterfly, Sarah Khan’s character seems shady.

Ayeza Khan’s character, the social media butterfly.
Her character seems shady


Ayeza Khan to Play Another Fun Character in Drama ‘Laa Pata’

There’s not much to go on what Ali Rehman Khan’s character is like. Meanwhile, Gohar Rasheed seems to be the antagonist as always.

Is Gohar Rasheed the antagonist, again?
What’s with the cards?

What do you think about that characters based on what you’ve seen in the teasers? Does the story seem interesting to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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