Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Watch Ertugrul

Just hear us out.

Ertugrul Ghazi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without any TV or internet, which is unlikely, then you’ve probably heard about Ertugrul. The Turkish historical epic is the most talked-about series in Pakistan right now.

Despite criticism from a few ‘disgruntled’ actors seeking attention, the hype-train for this incredible show continues to grow. However, we’re here to tell NOT to watch this series!

Before everyone loses their mind and attacks us in the comments, just hear us out and it will all become very clear.

So, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t watch Ertugrul.

It’s Very Addictive!

The word ‘addiction’ is an understatement for what this show has done to our ‘awaam’. Like a new biryani spot opening nearby, people all over the place are rushing to their TV sets to catch the latest episodes.

Producers at HUM TV or ARY are standing confused on the sidelines as people are tuning to a channel that was long forgotten – PTV!


Forget About Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a very serious issue, and Ertugrul is to be blamed! The show has over hundreds of one-hour episodes per season! As is the case with most late-night television, our parents are there to remind us to hit the sack.

But what can be done if the parents are just as addicted to the show as their kids? God have mercy on the poor souls who plan on binging all 5 seasons.

It’s Making Our Dramas Look Bad!

It is one thing to be a brilliant Netflix series, but to still look good even with Urdu dubbing and the audacity to air on a channel like PTV? Outrageous!

We Pakistanis are accustomed to subpar dramas with all the ‘rona-dhona’ and ‘saas-bahu’ plots. So this seems like a breath of fresh air!

This show has put so much pressure on our talented and mediocre writers and actors who are in fear of losing their entitled popularity. It is forcing them to think outside their not-so-big box and produce good content. Have a heart, people!

We’re No Longer Stalking Our Desi Actors

The woes of our poor Pakistani actors/actresses continue to grow as people are more in love with these Turkish stars.

esra bilgic on racism


Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli Get Harassed By Pakistani ‘Fans’

engin altan

Gone are the days when we use to give ‘nashiyateen’ and write “nyc pic deer” to our hard-working Lollywood stars. Nowadays, everyone on social media is obsessed with the cast of Ertugrul.

Look at what you’re doing to these poor actors.

Turn Turkey Into Centaurus

Turkey is already one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The show only emphasizes the historic richness and beauty of the place. Pakistanis don’t need any second invitation and Ertugrul is tempting enough to make us take a long trip (coronavirus or not).

We’ve already turned Baku, Azerbaijan into Murree. Don’t let the same happen to Turkey!

We hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson and will maintain social distancing from this brilliant Turkish show. Or are you planning on watching Ertugrul no matter what?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. There are still a lot of people who haven’t started watching Ertugrul. They are scared of may be number of episodes in each season.

    • I have watched all the 5 seasons and replaning on it though it is addictive but it is worth watching far better than those indecent cheap masala drama atleast u learn family values bravery honesty and greatness of Islam

  2. No doubt its very much addictive as i was the victim of this addiction but when it comes to Islamic history and portrayel of Islam at its best. This series is one of the finest and most perfect series to learn many important lesson about Islam and its prechings. And once you watch the whole series you cant stop yourself from expecting the same amountbof energy and Ialamic norms from your own actors aswell so i think its not a bad idea to watch these kind of series to keep your Deen alive in your soul.

  3. Our dramas are close to trash no offense hardcore watchers but they don’t offer something that excites everyone to whoever is sitting close to the TV screen kids 😑 don’t like them while ertugrul is entertaining through fights and wars and traps and kingdom ship stuff and we shouldn’t say that you shouldn’t watch it cause they just did a better job than us sadly 😔😢 we can improve hope our industry is on to something big for everyone not hardcore watchers only

  4. Now that was an amazing way to stop people from watching this drama lolzzz. Bit on the serious side I am not the one stopping myself to watch he drama. Finally we have got something to really depict what Islam teaches us and to a large extent that fighting spirit of many characters really puts forward that amazing history of Islam. Love the drama all in all.

  5. as compare to other cheap contants, it is better to watch ertugrul, this is the biggest reason that u have to watch this

  6. To aur dramon ka bhi batao na Un ki bhi to bohot sari episodes hain lekin zyada log Usay nahi dekhtay keun Kay us Mai fazool topics hotay hain.lekin jab baat aik islami dramay ki hai to sab say pehlay aagaye ho keun Kay woh logon Mai Eman ka jazba paida karti hai

  7. At least this series is far mich better than our dramas. Our dramas always have stories of the same SAAS BAHU topic or FLIRTING. This drama teaches us about the history of Islam and also teaches us not to bow against any person who is torturing the weaker.

  8. The drama has been inspired by history but it is only a fraction of the actual history. It is a good teamwork to make a masterpiece production.

  9. This is best domentary story about rising of Islam and about the purpose of live as a Muslims people in this world. This drama remind us the facing of hardships and difficulties as well sacfices for Islam of our great mens and heroes of Islam.

  10. It’s our history..what our elders did…how they pass life. For what they live.
    Our Pakistani dramas are poisoning our
    young and new generations..
    Now we need to see what is going on and was gone in the world as Muslim and good human..our stars life is also like zebaish drama but not accepting.we are not good nation as Pakistan and not good as Muslims.. we need to watch this drama and like that other dramas and films from other Muslim countries ..that will make our Young’s good way to live as Muslims we need.

  11. This is the fantastic serious I ever seen. They explore the Islamic reall hero.we love Turkish people they are our Islamic brothers.we are waiting for the next season of kurlus osman.

  12. Well! People who used to watch the vulgar Bollywood films will not be criticized. Our culture was leaning towards West and suddenly a Islamic Content popped up and people have started crying! Well, I’m enjoying the shrieks and screams of lollywood who are doubtful that their “do taka ‘s” Content will not appeal anymore.

  13. I really sorry but I can not at all stop watching the series ( DIRILLIS ERTUGRUL) .
    And you are really creating an enmity among the ones who watch the series and the ones who don’t .
    It is an amazing series and deserves the love and addiction it has got till date .
    The work of the cast in this drama is amazing .
    I really sorry for writing a comment like this but this is the truth and reality

  14. Hahahahahahaha hilarious, just laughing out load on your points man…
    Yes its addictive and sleep problems can be there, but its not about drama its about personal habits.
    Secondly you are talking about our Desi/Local Dramas and Actors, what those dramas are teaching, just Love stories, fights, illegel relations, Western culture dance shows, hahahaha hilarious… grow up dude.. 🤣


  16. Muslims are realizing their history because of this drama. It is an example for our pakistani actors but they are busy criticising it. Shame.

  17. Sorry but the damage has been done;) I have watched all 5 seasons and cannot watch any other tv shows neither Pakistani nor hollywood:/ Bollywood is already not my taste. So looking for something similar to Ertugrul 🙂

    • You can watch Ertuğrul gazis son osmans series “Kurulus Osman”. Osman was the founder of the Ottman empire

  18. Bhai Assallam wallekum wa rehamatulahhi wa barkatahu,Drama is only Drama,in reality nobody helpsthe suffering people’you understand what I want to say ,it is just entertainment nothing else.let them enjoy the serial.

  19. I don’t think I saw even one point that made sense.. We Watch TV, we are not responsible for thinking “oh hum TV rating is going down or no one watched ARY anymore”.. increasing their channel rating is their job not ours… Secondly yes we may be used to all the Rona dhona in our shows but is it a good thing? To keep watching all that depressing stuff when we could watch something that is teaching us something.. It’s not abt turkey or any place else.. If we have some show that is different from all Rona dhona and teaches us something valuable (and many paki shows did that, I admit and they were great!) Then we would be watching those! And if we Turkish actors so damn what! It doesn’t mean we don’t like Paki actors..
    I am not nearly as obsessed with ertugul I barely watched it but these reasons just triggered me..

  20. I Know it has 5 sessions and all are about 100 mins and we r also addictive to that bus if we see people who r watching the other darama they r also addictive because once they finish the darma they start an watching an another one. So . Its better to watch different darma watch (ertaghul ghazi) it will motivate us and also give us the history of our ancestors and our religion they way they live and the way they deal with different situation on the basis of the their rule I think addiction of ertaghul is better than addiction of other darmas……..

  21. V r learning something new from dis series and its better to watch instead of watching movies/serials etc.And u dnt spoil with ur bad thoughts go and stop pubg player’s..if u can..

  22. Alhamdulillah it is one of the finest series i have ever watched. I know it is addictive becoz most of the muslims dont know about muslims history.. they are always badly portrayed in bollywood as well as hollywood.
    I can say it is only the single series which portrays a muslim close to best.
    As the best is the The Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH) AND sahaba.

    Loved watching it.

  23. Ertugral may be best,but I am observing that those who are watching it they are ignoring there family members because of its addiction..

    • Well your observing wrong. I dont know if you have watched it or not but it teaches us about islam and history of islam. It also teaches us to not take our loved ones for granted. In it they share the stories and quotes of our Prophet PBUH. I dont know that where you have observed that they get away from family

  24. My daughter Six years has learnt all the contents that a5e shown in the beginning of dramas, by heart and I wonder how this drama affected these innocent kids…usually fond of watching cartoons…I wish my country,s directors had produced such quality dramas for all of us to watch.

  25. Came across it absolutely by chance !
    This is notoriously ADDICTIVE and specially for me who abstains from watching television – 4 years
    The days and nights are only about ertugrul since the last 7 days …
    Midway thru season – 2

  26. Dear in this time of Corona epidemic crisis I feel safe to to be at home. Ertrugal gives a chance for most of us to remain at home.

    As far as the question of addiction it’s individual choice.

    For local stars if they have talent they can survive anywhere in the world.

    At least we are away from rona dhona saas bahu quarrel operas, which are spoiling the society

  27. Best way to give people a reality check in a sarcastic way, about what we have been doing and where we were investing all our time and money and energy. Nice article.

  28. Please send me link hindi Or urdu language dubing all episodes all session
    I am only first season watching other season not available in hindi or urdu

    Actually im am from india, I am onlyhindi or urdu language uderstanding

  29. We all are already addictive for watching mobile or TV but addiction for ertugrul is useful for me and my family.

  30. Dear first of all appreciate what is good and what is our Islamic culture and history. Then coming over to ur points.. No doubt it has dominated all things like clouds but why because our industry has lost the true direction and depicting true image of our society which is so bad. They should reinvent things well and do things as Ertugul the great has done. Best wishes and good luck

  31. Haha.. 😂 Very funny logics.. U are saying ita addictive so don’t watch.. Actually it is soo good that a person forget about sleep.. I think our actors should focus on making quality dramas rather this rubbish…. They are just jealous and feeling highly insecure U are saying them poor.. They are not poor.. All they have to do is to improve their stories.. They are good actors but doing rubbish dramas.. Now they are afraid to change

  32. Very true, for the first time in my life I watched TV series like crazy. Ertugrul is the first foreign series I’ve watched. Thank God it was on NETFLIX and with English translation. It was so interesting that I started watching it during my tea time in the morning till 3a.m. the next morning😍 All the characters in this series are brilliants. I just loved it that I started learning Turkish words too. So much so, that whenever this white bearded holy man appeared on the screen, I felt that God has fallen from heaven. The preachings are so refreshing that it calms your mind and soul.(am I over reacting?). But that’s how I feel about it. I finished watching 5seasons in one month. I told my daughter about it and she too is watching it, addicted into it just like me. God forgive me, I infected her too😁😉. Finally, it’s not over yet… I’m watching Kurulus Osman now. I tried not to compare it from Ertugrul although sometimes I can’t help it, it’s nothing like Ertugrul. But Osman gives us compensation with his amazing handsome looks 😉 I know he will improve with his acting and I hope viewers will give him a chance to prove himself. If the producer decided to bring Ertugrul back, I only hope it will be Engin and last but not least, please bring back TURGUT too. I miss him and his ax fight!!! Best of luck to all the viewers and happy viewing 🙏👍😊

  33. I think most of these reasons are baseless…if people r getting an opertunity to watch such an amazing series,there is nothing wrong in it..this series is better than the same stories being repeated in our serials!!

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