Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli Get Harassed By Pakistani ‘Fans’

When will we stop making an embarrassment of ourselves?


The fame of the Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi or Dirilis Ertugrul is at an all-time high in Pakistan. Many folks are following every cast member of the hit drama on social media. Engin Altan, Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli, you name it.

However, a small subset of Pakistani social media users really doesn’t know the meaning of the term ‘personal boundaries’. Some are too keen to tell Turkish actresses how to dress ‘modestly.’

This incident also happened once again when some photos of Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli chilling on the beach surfaced. Apparently some Pakistanis wanted to tell them to dress the ‘proper’ way.


Esra Bilgiç Does Not Owe You An Explanation for Her Lifestyle

Burcu Kiratli gets harassed

It all started with Burcu Kiratli (or Gokce Hatun as we know her in Ertugrul) and a year-old video of the actress. Pakistani fans took the time to dig up an old video of the actress going out for a swim.

Of course, the Ertugrul actor was wearing swimwear in the pool. And before anyone knew it, Pakistanis lashed out at the starlet on Instagram.

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?? ??‍♀️

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Some crazed fans even dug up years old photographs, not holding back the hate with their comments. One might point out the extremely acute mental state of such social media users where they need to dig this deep (and make an embarrassment of themselves).


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Esra Bilgic seems to have learnt

Esra Bilgic, who is considered Pakistan’s sweetheart these days, shared a photograph in a bathing suit. But she did something that her fellow Turkish actresses didn’t. She made a smart move to turn off the comments.

The starlet was previously harassed by the Pakistani men and women alike over her more bold photographs. As usual, they went as far so far as to to dig up Instagram posts that are months old to hand out unsolicited advice.


Junaid Akram Roasts Trolls Who Criticized Ertuğrul Stars

Pakistani fans cannot make the distinction between Esra Bilgic and Halime Sultan. Appreciating a certain character is one thing but this level of obsessiveness is downright creepy.

Another thing to understand here is that Turkish actors don’t owe you an explanation. They have their own culture and values on another side of the world.

Recently video clips of Esra Bilgic kissing scenes in the Turkish drama series Ramos also caused an uproar among Pakistanis online. Pakistan fans were disappointed perhaps with the realization that the actress is not Halime Sultan, the warrior princess that she plays in Ertugrul Ghazi.

Esra Bilgic and Burcu Kiratli do not deserve this kind of harassment. Let’s be decent people, please?

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  1. Allah Pak rehem farmaye ham sb par aur ham naik hidayat dey. Aur dooson k muaamlaat taang araane k bajaye apne garebaan mein jhaankne ki taufeeq dey…. aameen.

  2. I never went on their Instagram .
    I know the cause of muslim decline they are not Turks what they used to be.

    • People have their own culture. Some are bad and some are good. But burcu and Esra don’t deserve this kind of harrassment

  3. Those Pakistanis need to stop harrasing Turkish film actresses. In Turkey people live in harmony and nobody haresses enyone on how they dress. The fact that Attaturk tried to turn Turkey into a European country and banned many Islamic ideals. It will take time for people to turn back time and grasp back their ideals and culture. They have been living the European life for decades so give them a break.

    • Come on people, each to their own. These were merely characters that these actresses portrayed. Let them be. Majority pakistani actresses/models arent that modest either. Stop acting like saints and Stop TROLLING. If you got nothing nice to say then DONT say anything. We are answerable for our own sins. Thank you!!

  4. I like and love all the acters and actress of drama ertagarl gazi
    Especially the friends and relatives of ERTAGURAL

  5. I love all Turkey actress especially esra belgic l don’t like Pakistani actress
    I don’t attract any actor personal life .
    Esra belgic love you more than thousand of time you look like barbie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. We loved Ertugal so much that some have got carried away, I hope these Turkish actors will be forgiving and understand the mindset of a few Pakistani. In reality they respect the the characters played by the actresses but forget they were people just acting out a role. Pakistan is a modest society that love Ertugal and its History but unfortunately they are not realistic and become diassapointed quickly. I pray the few who can not hold back their personal views learn to exercise logic and the Turkish actresses understand the nature of some people in segments of society.

  7. What can you expect from a country where child marriages, honor killing, and illiteracy is praised. Where people tag anyone of blasphemy. Christians deprived of their basic rights, Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam. Where commoner think they’re the lord of heaven and hell. Where people blindly follow others ..They decide man’s afterlife not GOD…

  8. Islam danday kay zoor say nahi phala . Allah hidayat day sub ko. All Turkish actors said that they just played a role . They r not real characters. They r just stars only and d rest between them n all . So please chill

  9. Incredible work done by all actors in ertughul except Thomas. Pakistani actors are also very competent. There s no comparison of both countries.everyone should praise the best work and avoid poking in their personal lives.if we do bad thinks against others in full dresses we would get more punishment as compared to anyone wears short dresses.fix yourself rather that fixing orhers.

  10. I agree with you on this. Pakistanis need to back off other people’s lives, because Pakistanis’ lives are not and will not be the perfect life. SO STOP!!!! If you don’t agree with the Turkish actresses careers and lifestyles…then don’t look at the Ertugrul series. They are actresses… career people, who are paid to do different roles. Stop bring such hypocrites, there are lots of crap going on in the lives of Pakistani actors/actresses.

  11. Let’s be realistic there are so many other actors out their who are worse what is it to judge a person when in islaam it reaches us to not judge others
    These actors have most of their time given for our entertainment
    Leave them be and let them enjoy
    They worked so hard to be loved it’s not easy in all parts you know

  12. Being a Pakistani living with Turks for last three years, both nations do not have big different but minor. However, Pakistani audience should understand to not to talk about others, sooner or later they will, hope so. Ertuğrul Bey Çok Yaşa, Halima Sultan Çok Yaşa.

  13. From now on if you comment something harassing to actors please please keep this in mind that if someone chooses the field of acting and modeling they have to do it otherwise every single person is an actor everybody can do acting so some actors often try this way.Keep this in mind that every one in this world is a sister in this world ALLAH Almighty will decide is good who is bad just focus on your goals in the future instead of making someone feel bad if you don’t like just swipe
    Our Pakistanis as Junaid akram sir said that there is difference in reality and fictions dramas movies etc. So she is not halime Sultan she is MS ESRA BILGIC so please stop harrasing this is the only way for superstars to attract people.

  14. They are actors, actresses they do this to attract people as every one as every superstar does please
    Its ALLAH who who knows what to do what not to do so please stop

  15. We all know that its not right but still we shouldn’t pick out on someone like this….May Allah give strength to all Muslims to stay on right path and be a practicing Muslin . Ameen

  16. I’m amazed on the mentality of our majority Pakistani people.
    1st you take the time to stalk like a detective & then hate whole heartedly.
    Listen, if someone is playing a pious & innocent character it doesn’t mean that person is surely going to be that way.
    For example, here’re so many religious & political people who do 1 thing & say totally opposite.
    Can we hang them for their hypocrisy? No, of course not. Their deeds/amaals are their own personal matter until someone is directly getting hurt. Then Blind Law can be involved.
    Just THINK before you SAY or ACT. Promotion of ANY HATE SPEECH(S) has never resolved anything ever.
    Give this a Thought At Least.

  17. What else do you expect from a country that mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan is full of religious extremists and it’s not just the illiterate, even the so called educated individuals display signs of extremism. Hard to justify how Pakistanis would point out Hindutva as bad when things are no better with themselves.

    • Who are you to make a comparison between Pakistan and Hindustan? In Pakistan we have a few backward zealots, but your country is the rape capital of the world. Thomson Reuters has routinely billed Hindustan as the world’s worst country for women. So spare us your lectures, build some toilets for your people, and stop obsessing over Pakistan when your society is even more primitive than ours.

  18. Love Ertugrul. A beautiful drama played by very good actors an actresses. ???
    To those who seem to hand out criticism on their personal lives note:
    Before you criticize others look in the mirror an make sure your PERFECT!!
    Islam is taught with peace an love!
    SHOW IT!

  19. You must understand that these women potrayed characters that existed hundreds of years ago,(compared to middle ages of western culture) in a different time, space and culture, they are not the characters they potray so what they do in their life is dictated by the modern world eg fashions, culture, in which we live

  20. Don’t point to them look what is happening in our country and what our Pakistani actress are doing u know our big problem in our culture we just point others we dont have acceptance of others culture and value plz whats ever people doing behind the screen not our problem they have their own privacy plz SPOT PICKING PEOPLE’S

  21. I read almost all the comments. I don’t understand being a Pakistani viewer that before the drama series we don’t know these faces and their life styles, we r seeing them in the series and make a portrait that they live actualy as it is that they appear in the series. When we understand not to blame and harassing these people that we don’t know actually.

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