Hiba Bukhari Spills The Tea on Fiancé and Relationship Status!

It all started with a Q&A session on Instagram!

Fans often take an interest in the relationships of their favorite celebs. Some celebs eventually relent and spill the deets like Hiba Bukhari

The Deewangi star recently opened up about her relationship status. It started with a Q&A session on Instagram. A fan posted a proposal for the actress which prompted her to say;

“I am committed”.

Hiba Bukhari

This led to so many questions regarding her fiance. While the Tarap actress replied to most of the questions, she wouldn’t outright say who the lucky man was. This suggests he’s also a celeb.

Hiba Bukhari

She told fans that they already know about her fiance but she will not disclose his identity before getting married.

Hiba Bukhari

She dodged the question more than once, matter of fact. Hiba Bukhari


The fans also asked if the mystery man also works in the entertainment industry but Hiba Bukhari dodged the question. Though if fans already know him as the actress previously shared, then it’s likely he does work in showbiz. Otherwise, that would mean her fiance is a public figure.

Hiba Bukhari


When fans also asked if she is engaged to her co-star Arez Ahmed, Hiba didn’t say anything again.

Others dug into other details about the Fitoor star’s relationship.

Hiba Bukhari


Then there were people that couldn’t even believe this news

As well as people that wouldn’t drop the subject.

What do you think? Is the starlet marrying Arez Ahmed? Or is this wishful thinking? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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