This Lady Cop From Jhelum Strikes Fear in the Heart of Criminals

ASP Hina Munawer is putting gangs behind bars!

ASP Hina Munawer

A female Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Hina Munawer started cracking down on criminals right of the bat. Since ASP Munawer has been posted in Jhelum, the lady cop has put many gangs behind bars.

At this point, the lady cop has become synonymous with fear for criminals in her jurisdiction. Since her posting in Jhelum, the crime rate has dropped in the city.

Previously the law enforcement officer had been stationed in Sialkot. She was susequently transferred to Jhelum in May, 2019

She was lauded for her efforts even in Sialkot.

ASP Hina Munawer in Sialkot Chamber of Commerce


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Hina Munawer is Changing Attitudes About Women In Leadership Roles

Hina is the second lady cop to be stationed in Jhelum. While the city is a big district, many people there are not accustomed to seeing a woman in a leadership role.

However, despite the area’s conservative culture, Hina’s efforts to take down gangs and criminals is proving to be popular. She is slowly but surely changing attitudes for the better, and nabbing wrong-doers in the act.

ASP Hina is second lady cop to be posted in Jhelum



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Hina has advised women to go about their professional careers with the same ‘dedication and sincerity‘ with which they manage their households.

The female officer is a role model when it comes to pursuing a career side by side with a family.

Usually, most women are ‘advised’ to sideline their career so that they can focus on family. However, Hina is just one of many examples of how women can do both.

If women remain equally dedicated to both the house and the workplace, they’ll be making waves like Hina Munawer.

Here’s a video of a day in the life of the lady cop:


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