Hira Mani Gets Booed for Cringey ‘Desi Boss Diva’ Look [Video]

There is just so much wrong here! Someone get her a good stylist ASAP.

Actress Hira Mani is famous for her happy-go-lucky attitude and eccentric, OTT fashion sense. Particularly, her experimental looks get the glare from the fashion police. She never shies away from experimenting with her wardrobe and stepped out in an all-black silk outfit with a long braid this time but her version of a catwalk, weird poses, and gyrations seemed to get her the wrong sort of attention.

While the brave ensemble might just have worked by some standards, Hira Mani’s unnecessary antics completely ruined it, and we can’t help but wonder what takes over her from time to time.

People criticized her for her ‘weird’ style choice and told her to change her stylist.

Fun fact: Hira Mani is her own stylist.

Here is what people online thought of her:

The Mere Paas Tum Ho actress keeps experimenting with new looks regularly and shares them on social media.

Although Hira Mani pushes her own envelope to be innovative in her looks and charms, more often than not, she fails to impress and ends up getting trolled for being try-hard and extra in a cringey way.

Not one to be deterred, the bold actress, who happens to be a mother of two, walks to the beat of her own drum without a care in the world.