Humayun Saeed Shares a Memorable Moment with Marina Khan & Atiqa Odho

The good old days.

Humayun Saeed posted a throwback before Thursday and it’s quite interesting. The actor posted a throwback image of when he was young with Marina Khan and Atiqa Odho.

The picture hit us with a wave of nostalgia. Based on what the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor has to say, the photo dates back to 2001.

“Throwback to when we were shooting Lakh Chale Ri Gori. My director Marina Khan and my heroine Atiqa Odho!”


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Actress Atiqa Odho reshared the picture on social media. Oh boy, is that a trip down memory lane. We are already missing those golden Pakistan Television (PTV) days.

Back then the Tanhaiyaan famed Marina Khan directed the telefilm ‘Lakh Chale Ri Gori‘. The telefilm was shot in California.

This isn’t Marina Khan’s only directorial with Humayun Saeed. Drama serial Tum Hi Tou Ho, written by Mohammed Ahmed, was also directed by Marina Khan with Humayun Saeed as the producer.


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Coincidentally Tum Hi Tou Ho also cast Humayun Saeed and Atiqa Odho along with Shabbir Jan and Vaneeza Ahmed. Marina Khan also shared the screen in her 2002 PTV directorial.

Although she completely dropped out of the drama scene after marrying renowned TV producer Jaleel Akhtar, she did return for the Tanhaiyaan sequel, Tanhaiyaan – Naye Silsilay.

After she migrated to Canada, she returned to host a morning show on ARY back in 2008.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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  1. After a long time-I just found this drama, keenly watching, feeling great. Please may I ask the full cast [each n every one] names . bcoz I know all of the artists of PAKISTANI DRAMA INDUSTRY but unable to recognize their past features to compare to present. I failed to found googled or youtube too. I can recognize main All leads but WHO is the actress is SANA? Playing Sabbir Jan’s daughter?

    waiting for your reply.

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