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Husband Kills Wife for ‘Liking’ Hrithik Roshan

The husband was insanely jealous of the wife’s fascination with the actor.

We usually hear a lot about crazy fans doing insane things for their celebrities. It is the celebrity’s impact on our lives that brings out the crazy in all of us. However, there is a dark side to it as well. Some people tend to get jealous and envious of the famous public figures. One such incident in India caused a husband to murder his wife and later commit suicide.

A man in India stabbed his wife to death for her fascination with the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. According to media reports, the man was insanely jealous over his wife’s fondness for the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai actor.

A History of Abuse

The husband in question, Dineshwar Budhidat, 33, had a history of domestic violence over her spouse, Donne Dojoy, 27. According to the couple’s friends, Dineshwar would often slap, strangle and beat his wife whenever she would be watching Hrithik Roshan.


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According To Friends

Mala Ramdhani, a karaoke singer at a lounge where Donne Dojoy bartended, Donne had filed a court order against her husband but decided to visit him at his flat Friday to reconcile.

“I guess she wanted to give him another chance,” Dojoy’s sister, Fannita Barakat, told a newspaper.

The husband flew into a fit of rage and killed her. Later on, he called a relative on the phone to confess his actions before he hung himself from a tree in a nearby park.


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