IBA Karachi Receives Backlash for Expelling Student Who Exposed Alleged Harassment on Campus

IBA Karachi

IBA Karachi is once again at the center of social media attention after the varsity expelled a student for exposing an alleged incident of harassment that took place on campus. The student, Mohammad Jibrael raised the issue on social media on August 25, and said that he ‘observed a very gross and crappy incident’ in IBA’s Finance Department.

In a Facebook post, Mohammad Jibrael revealed the identity of a male employee who allegedly harassed a female employee of IBA’s Finance Department. He said that he witnessed the incident with his own eyes and was shocked to see that a man could behave like that with a woman in a professional setting.

In another post, he shared updates and said that he has reported the incident to the Anti-Harassment Committee of IBA, however he didn’t receive any feedback from them. One month later, the varsity expelled him and issued a statement on IBA’s Facebook page that Jibrael did not use the “right channels that are expected to be followed” by the institute.



IBA Karachi is in hot waters. Again!

This has caused an uproar on social media and lawyer and activist Mohammad Jibran Nasir also highlighted the expulsion. He said:

“By expelling Jibrael, #IBA has sent a msg to all female staff/students that they should never rely on any eye witness if they face #harassment as anyone who speaks up like Jibrael will be expelled and at the same time it has told it is teaching it students to stay quiet and keep your head down when you witness injustice.”


It is also worthy to note here that over the last four weeks, hundreds of students have protested against harassment and Jibrael’s wrongful expulsion, but the authorities at IBA Karachi have turned a blind eye.


Netizens are enraged at the ‘gross overreaction’ of the institute and several celebrities and politicians have also lent their support.