Iffat Omar Lashes Out at Troll Calling Her ‘Aunty’

The veteran actress didn’t hold back and took the troll to school over the rude comment.

Recently Iffat Omar became the target of ageist trolls. When the Mohabbat Aag Si actress posted a photograph with her husband, she faced rude and hurtful remarks.

The veteran actress didn’t hold back and took the troll to school over the rude comment.

Iffat Omar


The starlet shared a picture with her hubby on Instagram. While most showered the couple with love and prayers, someone had to rain on their parade.

One comment in particular that sparked everyone’s attention was;

“You look [like] his aunty.”


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Iffat Omar didn’t hold back and served a grand slam saying;

“Obviously shit you look like, have nothing to say something nice”.

The troll then shamelessly continues retorting;

“It was a compliment in your age, and MashAllah, look at him, don’t worry [about] me I didn’t do all that you do just for your looks, and imagine if I have time”.

The Thori Si Wafa Chahiye actor struck back with;

“Try it won’t work.”

Needless to say, someone might have learned their lesson.


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This isn’t the first time an actress faced ageist remarks. Previously Hadiqa Kiani shut down a troll for calling her aunty. The songstress didn’t lose her cool and still schooled the troll.

Similarly, Bushra Ansari is often targeted for being carefree and living her life how she wants despite being a grandmother. She called out why it irks people that a grandmother can have a life of her own.


What do you think about such ageist remarks? Let us know in the comments below.

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