Iffat Omar Breaks Silence On Out-Of-Turn Covid-19 Vaccination

Pakistani actress Iffat Omar apologized from the public after getting the Covid 19 vaccine by jumping the queue

A few days back Iffat Omar got a lot of flak for bypassing protocol because she got her Covid-19 vaccine before her turn. The actress was seen getting vaccinated at the residence of the Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Tariq Bashir Cheema.

The controversy was elevated when a video of Iffat Omar went viral on Twitter that showed her getting the Covid-19 doze. Negative comments started surfacing as soon as people saw the video.

Many people claimed that it was an irresponsible act on behalf of the model. She was criticized for taking advantage of her privilege. Since Iffat did not fall in the vulnerable age bracket hence she was targeted. According to Twitteratis, it was the right of the deserving to get the vaccine first.


Did Iffat Omar Get Vaccinated Out Of Turn? [Reactions]

Now Iffat Omar has issued a formal apology for her action. She is deeply ashamed and says she will repent. She shared her thoughts on Twitter.

Reactions to Iffat Omar’s apology

As soon as Iffat Omar posted the apology on Twitter. a string of comments started to roll in. Some people appreciated her for being brave enough to apologize.


But others took this opportunity to make a personal attack on her.

There were people who tried to give some valuable suggestions as well.

And then there were people who deemed everything a drama

What are your thoughts on Iffat’s apology? Let us know in the comments below.




Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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